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The Mark Mackenzie's of the world. Derek Palmer brown's of the world. Okay, they're playing. Yeah, I get it, but are they playing anywhere? Any much better than John Brooks or Tim like did Tim reign thing for me is very difficult to understand. Hurt knows this at the World Cup you need players that are versatile. Anthony Robinson's out with an injury, he starts left back for Fulham in the Premier League guys. So I just look at it and say, if you give me four center backs are playing, I have no problem leaving Brooks and ream at home based on where their national team careers have been. But guys, you know as well as I do. No one's dominating the center back position other than I would say walker Zimmerman has put his footprint and saying, all right, I'm the leader. I'm going to go. Everyone else is in the same boat. Yeah, but Greg berhalter has told us he wants to play with the high line. I don't see him playing the high line at the World Cup actually see the U.S. men's action being pinned in a lot. What I will stress is your most experienced player, not just a fender, most experienced player on the national team is going to be Deandre yedlin. It's going to be his second World Cup. At some point, you're going to need experience because experience brings that com. And we heard Greg berhalter after the game and say, maybe the guys are worried, or maybe they're stressed about not making the team. If they are nervous right now, an empty stadium on new to ground versus Japan and Saudi Arabia, what's it going to be like versus England when it's packed versus wells when it's packed versus Iran when you have geopolitical pressure on you? Sure. To your point about experience Chris Richards doesn't have much. I couldn't agree. I couldn't agree more caps. But yeah. All right, that's all the time we've got. Taylor, thanks for joining us here on football on America. It's great to have you with us on the show safe travels to your next MLS assignment. I know you got the LAFC in Portland coming up on the weekend.

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