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Issue can be you. Go gotTA write about anything Bono to write about. It's sort of going to Google dot, com, and going I could search for anything I. Don't know what to search about and so you. So you're not too overwhelmed by the by the. Infinite choices than have someone sign you things. That's a great idea. Brett wonderful idea I will go check that out this event that ID's NT. Dot Com I said that it'd be getting, but I like to remind people there. You've been reminded. This episode is Uncle Ron Perlman. I like to call him. Uncle Ron I. Love Him. He's been on the podcast a bunch. It's always delightful when he's on. Is just such a great mix of. Fun, but serious and joking, and then honest and don't know I just really I love connecting with him. So anytime run once. Come coming about Jesse. Certainly can come on the podcast because I do think of him. His uncle Ron now he's promoting run with the hunted, which is on demand June twenty six. That is a film. Also another film called the big ugly, which is on demand, July thirtieth, and when I say on demand. I mean on all of the usual platforms. Where you get your content and you demand to get that content so there you go to movies within a month. Run with the hunted and the big. So this is the podcast number ten seventy nine with Ron Perlman and we're rolling the thing. Watch it. Roll here, roll watch role with your ears, because hearing is seeing with your auditory canals. Initiating Protocol. Fine if you don't, it's not. It's not It's not Christian with. The audio from this anyway all right cool, let's. Let's You don't see what I would.

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