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And Ended up in a linebacker because in those days you played offense and defense and as kind of discouraged when when the scat backs so weighed more than I did. And I'm the guy who has to go on takeout. These huge guns with a running play but anyway I played until shoulder got ripped out in that ended my my football playing days but then the other questions were were good like What do I think I would have done had The general not showed up in my days as the Marine Corps would've ended and that's a good question and I said Gee you know part of it. was you know the shame of coming back to Kankakee to my hometown. Saying Gee I failed but you know what do I do. Then I said you know probably have become a teacher because that is always a appeal to me and I think there's Every officer I think Good officers are no our our teachers at heart and You know the relationship with what they're juniors says. General Luzern says is You know teacher to scholar and in many ways like father to son so but And then all of the questions of other challenges that that I've I've had An holly face him in in Again Doctor Dodge none of them because Good good questions and this is their chance to take advantage of a of an old great beer. WHO had come back to share a few thoughts with them did you did you keep them? Captivated worried you have heads nodding and do they seem disinterested the principal said that You could have heard a pin drop at various points. No that could have been because they were sound asleep. I'll probably now but I think especially the the Vietnam stuff. They don't hear that very often and I don't mentioned it very often but it was. I thought a good example of what happens You know sometimes when you're literally under fire and the decisions that you make and they're not always the the ones that some people see as a as the correct ones that some people see us failures fascinating general if you had to sum up what it was like to go back to your hometown. High school that she graduated from after lifetime after several careers. Actually what comes to mind and what was it a overall what was the experience like. Uh what was it. Tremendous feeling of Of welcoming. I mean to go back to where I grew up My sister still lives there. I have a niece and nephews. Fused are still in the area friends. Some classmates showed up at the award event that evening so that was fun except I couldn't tell anything anything but the truth since they were fellow co conspirators. For a lot of things that we're involved in but I think the statute of limitations has run out on but it was great to come back but along with it Came this this tremendous feeling of a blessing of the opportunity that I had as a as a young man. My Dad was a German emigrant plumber. Steve Fitter with only an eighth grade education My mother was the daughter of Irish immigrants and to have this opportunity opportunity to To go the Naval Academy and then become an officer Marines. Serve My country for over thirty years into lead Marines and combat. You know to have a family family. That is wonderful as mine. got is Is I said. I'm just the luckiest guy in the world and I still really feel that way as standing I'd say each episode. Two's arap so join US next Wednesday for episode three with Brigadier General Andrew. John Giradi also known as sage right. We're out we listen a veteran on the move. Your Pathfinder to Frieda data if you like the show review and I tunes reviews are always greatly appreciated so until next time. This veteran is Oscar Mike..

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