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You would like to check it out and look I know these guys I personally have good relationships with the guys who have been around for awhile and certainly that plays a role in the way I feel but I it's to the point that I just made with Benny and with the Benedetto I just think these guys aren't in that kind of position right these are and I know that you know forgive me they don't like to use this this phrase but they're minor league athletes okay they're not playing at the top tier of their sport and I know soccer's built if differently and everything like that in the switchbacks operate in a very different way than other minor league sports do because they're the ones paying the players they only get a few players from the rapids but they are for all intents and purposes minor league athletes and we deal with what has happened to baseball that very public thing which is kind of led it to everything we're saying with the potential and of the vibes as we know them because the initial push was hate you're not playing your minor league players well enough you're not giving them good enough working conditions something has to change rob Manfred and unfortunately he did the not totally surprising thing and say okay I'll do this but I'm going to shrink the player pool by a power of axe and that's the unfortunate side of it but that's what it all started with is the fact that many athletes that don't play at the top wrong aren't at the top rung of their sport do not get paid very well and that makes a lot of sense it right you know the switchbacks in other leagues other teams in the USL championship or not printing money they're not rolling in dough necessarily there for in sports case small business so I'm not saying that these these clubs are holding out and have a ton of money that they could just throw out the players but the players need to be compensated fairly for the work they're putting in even though we know that it's not at the same level as you would pay someone playing in MLS M. for right now the good news is it's not really contentious yet as Vinny mention the players are being very smart about this I'm like if we compared to Major League Baseball right the owners got out on the players I made the players have to react and the players look like the bad guys with Blake Snell opened his mouth these players in the USL are doing the right thing by them and saying all right let's let's get United here let's be active on social media let's get out in front of this and let's get people on our side let people know our story our plight what we're trying to fight for and why that is right and now if the U. S. championship and there's no indication right now that this is going to turn ugly both sides are having productive conversations and are respecting each other but if it were ever to turn ugly then because the players got out of it and it beforehand and they're very United and very clear and concise about what they're asking for they have public perception on their side and that's always part of a labor negotiation to be out first and to get the court of public opinion on your side Amanda hello I just yesterday on my Instagram I got alert that I had a memory you know how Facebook and I guess Twitter does it too but you know that how they alert you of your memories this was your post one year ago it was a poster of picture of myself in my broadcast partner Roland Varga H. talk about the four corners Cup that was new the all the teams Phoenix rising our we're all Salt Lake the switchbacks New Mexico United all playing for four corners Cup man I miss calling those games and I know many of you out there missing going to those matches so I hope it hope they figure out a way but I'm I'm with Vinnie I just don't you know we've been talking a lot about the vibes but the switchbacks are different but also they're not different you know in the sense.

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