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Stay in thing she doesn't she goes out baby yeah go right yes yes oh and from now on when he walks in he's like comedian and i'm like i'll tell them if they're safe or not oh yeah they gotta be they gotta be cop approved at how is your eighty something yearold grandma when she was high she a little loopy she was very loopy she's super conservative but she was so so mellow and she kept talking to the drag queens going how long does it take your but your makeup on you look still beautiful my mom banker my mom has ever even smoked a cigarette in her life was completely out of her mind i'm not rounding andrew by having a heart attack you should take your grandmother the dancing bear shows she'd love it i saw that one of the dancing bears like a guy dancing bear got us a legal trouble over the weekend i was going to thank you have a great day some one of the dudes who played the dancing bear the pornos eatery killed somebody or he likes google google dancing bear arrested and i swear to you johnny castle i don't know who it was johnny san i don't know any of the dancing bears names thankfully this is a series of adult films by the way featuring a guy who dresses up like a bear at goes to bachelorette parties and then has his way with the bachelorettes i swear to you i saw news story about god so last weekend there was the story about the guy who opened fire at at at at at the trump resort he was a dancing bear oh i saw that he was a porno guy they never the serara didn't didn't say he was a dancing bear the headline from cbs miami reads dancing bear dances no more friends has accused trump national shooter used to be stripper porn star who that guy had it all why what did you put the dancing brown your resume i mean you could work anywhere.

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