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Pleasure to share what I'm learning as I'm learning is thanks guys. All right, double DT opens Neil augenstein on Skype. Where it's two 18. Traffic and weather on the 8s bob himler is in the traffic center. On the beltway in college park on the inner loop heavy and slow from 95 in south on 95, getting onto the inner loop, there was police action there getting by two lanes to the right on the inner loop after route one near the bridge that carries route one. In fact, Baltimore Washington Parkway, northbound very heavy from four ten and the crash after green belt road remains, and on 95 there is roadwork northbound after one 98 should be blocking the left lane there southbound lanes are open. On the beltway in Virginia, on the inner loop, it is quite slow getting past the dulles toll road, starting at about one 23. It's closer to route 7 now the delay starts, and you get by three lanes to the left pass, the roadwork beginning after the dollar's tall road toward Georgetown pike, and on Georgetown pike today, there is some road work going on alternating one direction at a time between old dominion drive and lean mill road, and 95 northbound still has the broken down car in the right lane near the rappahannock bridge. And still very slow coming up through Fredericksburg as a result. You slow down getting over the yaka Quan 66 is doing all right. And let's go out to the Virginia West Virginia line where they are doing some roadwork on three 40 today. And there, getting my alternating one direction at a time. Real in the seafood savings at Whole Foods market sustainable wild caught halibut fillets fillets, that is, our 23% off with prime through April 18th, while supplies last. Shop in store or online terms apply. Bob NYT will be traffic. All right, we've got Mark Pena, 7 news, first alert meteorologist with us this afternoon. Mark, we certainly have a brighter day than yesterday, also windier. Looking good out there though.

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