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Continues you can make as part of your diet I'm here on the European ready he has been at Sirius XM channel eighty begin to baseball on Monday now the old one is winds of one nine of their last eleven a teammate already of two eighty eight during that span Treasure Island to network with the call as the twins beat the Braves five to three again also knows pain should walk off home run his first career walk off Homer and the first twins player with a penchant walk off home run since Michael could dire in two thousand six twenty get the win over the Braves Freddie Freeman is another solo home run in the fifth inning two hundred sixteen career home runs breaking a tie with Bob order for seven most in the Braves franchise history then there was the bad of hobby buyers in the cubs ay's game by Chris wonderful my leg kick by tried in the pictures center field is no one was six five win over old plan by as doing that two home runs on the anniversary of his Major League Baseball debut happened five years ago a game in which he homered and then he has a big night on Monday as well exciting game in Wrigley either by has had a couple of home runs market Simeon had a couple as well and may you have a great view off the back did you think he got his third yes I thought that I was going to be on the net but if you have it so we want to get yeah you did in those there's a great vibe a great buzz in your city as there often is a summertime in Chicago's great particularly when the cubs are playing well how do you guys bottle which you all right now at home and take it with you on the road when you hit the road after this series as with Oakland I think I think the biggest thing is is to compete you know we're not we know what what the game is going to be the last sentence you know and and we got it we gotta compete to the game you know the last game to the las always thought and you know see see what happens last quick thought the five year anniversary piece on ESPN dot com that if it goes by in a blink as you think about these years in the game in Chicago what comes to mind so much happens man is being crazy how how my car is good and and you know is the the time go faster you know is every five years of being here the big news and I have learned some some of my teammates and and you know hopefully I keep getting better buyers with two home runs on Monday and another on this day a year ago not to mention his major league debut he's now IT for career home runs on August fifth most of any calendar day in his career cubs get the victory they are twelve and two at home since June twenty seventh they swept the three game series against the brewers this past weekend course this past weekend also sought a four game sweep Yankees beating the red Sox Boston has been struggling of late but on Monday ever been intending rifles a single to right field chase down by a hundred osier they spin bets first is the throw to the infield to run for Leslie play by zero point guards sports right behind bookie debts he was flying around the bases that we had a very healthy lead because they weren't holding them on at first base Andrew benintendi ends up on second base two runs in for the red Sox and they go on it was seven five win over the Royals WEEI with the call red Sox with the win over Kansas city snapping that eight game losing streak and avoid their longest losing streak since twenty fourteen reports Sello gets the win six innings giving up run first start of at least six innings of what rubber fewer since June seventeenth red Sox it's not really a game losing streak and by the way they've also won eight straight against the world sports center all night ESPN radio brought to light ageless male tonight the ridiculously fast acting nitric oxide booster that won't go unnoticed rush to Walmart and get ageless male tonight segue to the quarterback in New England who has a raise for this upcoming season part of the deal that he has reward Tom Brady is talking about in camp you had mentioned this issue of the deal that full yeah it's you know we like I said the last time just had a great history and you know I love playing quarterback here I love this team organization Mr Kraft John I think let's go check all the coaches all the players I mean the folks is this year what we gotta do so that's wrong focus that's all that really matters in the end and that's what this team expects me to put everything into it like I always have and really excited for your this is good competition today we needed it your at and try to make quite a few corrections about their Marcy we do better there was the focus is on this year yeah it's like there is some uncertainty for you contractually at least be on this year yeah how do you feel about that I mean it's really the reality for most guys in the NFL you know I don't want to think I'm any different than everyone else like it's football is a tough business it's a production business and you know I'm I'm ready to go this year and that's really what what matters and that's where my focus is it's it's a unique situation I'm in you know on twentieth year with the same team and you know be forty two years old so pretty much uncharted territory I think for everybody and you know I'm gonna go out there and do the best I can this year and and see what happens with Brady says you just like everybody else in the NFL and then in the next breath mention now he's forty two years old longevity with the patriots quarterback earlier on ESPN ready or Freddie Coleman a Jonathan hood he's playing because he still won a championship you still having fun and there's no signs of a rotation and one of the best athletes that we've ever seen that wins wargames exemptions with less you think about the farms and we saw all the prime the far as the L. ways the the Montana is the Faust the moon's the Kelly is the error of Rogers angle on on a great quarterbacks but it's been the system it's been the coaches from the quarterback it is still viable still productive so why slow down now if you're Tom Brady you also know this of forty two years of age the NFL rules are clearly in place the favor you you could be in a wheelchair back there playing quarterback but because of the rules offensively that benefit receivers and running backs as seven comes a contract on offense of linemen and quarterback Tom Brady hate they can't touch me if they get too close to me the NFL is going to say we'll be having noted that defense you're not gonna take our biggest star in our sport Hey get close to him and knocked him out of the game will go that's not going to happen he knows that he can still play that way as great as he's been not trying to diminish what he's been able to do at forty forty one in about three forty two years of age playing all sixteen games in the National Football League he knows that what the rules are in place it's a lot easier for him to do that then Joe Montana then John Elway and other great quarterbacks in the past if you're a great quarterback in this day and age hell you buy place your forty seven if you could move on one leg with the way things are right now you can still be in effect the quarterback that's why Tom Brady make a great politician he knows that things are skewed in the favor of the most important position in sports when it comes to the quarterback so you still feeling good about yourself your wife is not tied you going out there playing football go right ahead go out there and be somebody because he does not have to write his own rules the rules are in place to make sure the guys like him and drew Brees and people like that can can to to be not only affect the quarterbacks but great quarterbacks in the National Football League and the NFL Freddie you've always wanted to be able to make sure that offense rules the day I love a balanced football game just like you do as far as offense and defense but you understand that offense put **** in seats there's a but every eighteen inches in a written arenas and stadiums across this country because of offense and so because of that we really won't know when Brady sun will set all I know is that this is a whole different story then when Doug Flutie or when Warren moon or be tested for your Steve DeBerg those guys were over forty they were doing it but they could not get it done because it was a different rule down all you need is an iron fence is an offense of line iron fence to protect you and some flags along the way you could play as long as you want and Tom Brady by the way you forty two looks twenty four looks like he's ready for next for five years based on how he's been able to produce for the original patriot Tom Brady could very well play a tune forty five as he has stated he would mind doing but the ageless quarterback you know we went to the young guns in the spotlight in Cleveland Baker Mayfield at the helm of an offense but it certainly has the NFL a buzz but can the Browns live up to the hype earlier on first take ESPN analyst Ryan Clark was that was the height right so it depends on what's your expectation become right it's also the super right they they they have to do that and and I think that this team can live up to it but that doesn't mean that they do right it it's now become a thing where they have to win the division this team has to make a playoff run and if they don't this thing is a bust if it starts out a little slow people want to back off a little bit the stars are a little slow people are going to feel this way but to me this team wins the AFC north to me this seems does win a playoff game and vets living up to the hype that's the height that you created to be better the Cleveland Browns have been the last two decades in this scene will be they'll be more exciting to watch they'll be more fun to get on prime time which is why they actually had primetime games starting the season we go see them as much as we see anybody the reason.

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