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Our friend our friend there. She needs help your friend doesn't need help. Yes, she What do you mean she doesn't need help She's Dangerous. Stay away from her. Oh sweetheart. She's she's dead. She can't hurt anybody the dead don't stay dead here. You need to leave. Look, we'll leave a we can't leave without her. I know it's hard to understand but it would be wrong for us to leave her out here. Her family family will die if you take her home, okay? What's your name? William? Okay, Liam. Where are your parents? I don't have any. Well, where do you live? I don't live anywhere else takes care of you. I take care of me and I take care of the people here. You need to go please. Oh honey. It's okay. Why don't you come back with me off? Don't touch me? Okay? How about you come with me and we have a little something to eat? You still don't understand. No one ever understands. She didn't understand either who didn't understand her home. You mean Halley? Do you know what happened to her? She's one of them now one of whom the Unholy cult Holi Holi. What are you doing? Hello, Ed. Wake up. You can't sleep in the tent. You should have one. It's it's check. She she said she hardly ate her what I found her Holly. She was dead Nepal stiff and she caught up and attack Jack bit her head off. You're not making any sense. People can't just fight other people's heads off. Go back to bed. You had a night they you know, her jaw unhinged and there were all of these sharp teeth way more than they should have been and her mouth caught her mouth full huge. She could have swallowed all of Jack whole if she wanted to Look, but there's blood on my shirt. I wasn't treatment. I wasn't asleep. I swear it happened. I know it sounds crazy. I know off but I know what I saw was that phone is gone. Where's yours Natasha? We haven't been able to find it since Holly disappeared. We figured you guys either took it or Holly. Did she it took to get out of here. Now, how were the only ones here for at least dozens of miles are only options are to hide and hope she it doesn't find us and she does we fight we got a cheese. There's three of us. We have a chance Natasha. And help me that's not possible. Jack is dead. We'll obviously she isn't maybe you were dreaming after all. No, this is her blood. Maybe some maybe you hurt her. Maybe you heard her in your sleep. We have to check on a Natasha. No, I'm telling you that Kathy Jack. She didn't have a head. She can't possibly be alive. That is that you look I don't know what's going on here, but I'm not going to leave Jack out here to be hunted down like a dog with these wild animals Natasha, you know better than any of us the things that roam the night out here off if Jack were heard she could probably fend for herself, but injured she doesn't stand a chance. We ignore her and were signing her death certificate. I'm not having that on my conscious Natasha Milo's, right? We can't just leave our out Thursday. We don't know how bad she's hurt. You don't have a lot of blood on you but that sure as hell looks like spray which means an artery has been cut she needs help to you are going to get yourselves killed Natasha home, you know, don't just go. I can't stop you, but I'm telling you that can't be Jack something isn't right and you are walking into a I don't know how but I know if you go to her you will die. Whatever if you're smart, you'll come with a so you are here alone, but we're going you ready yet. You know God let's go. She's losted. I wish..

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