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He's taking a risk because they've got a huge game that will get to the preview of on Tuesday against Napoli, which is like you know, the biggest game in their season. So far any any didn't rest guys in this game against Bournemouth, which I'm a little surprised by unless he trust the fitness level of his players decides that getting them for would be more important guess, so you know, he listened he's smarter than me knows this team better than me. So I'm not gonna exactly question. A more pointed pointing out that if his team come if Liverpool come out against Napoli, either flat, or maybe, you know, dying the second half he's going to get cash. Some shit, and rightfully so I guess that's sort of the point deal story this game to pretty goals and to pretty ugly goals, I should say. And then two glimpses of magic from Salah, which is pretty much the whole story or sloth finished with a hat trick to goes real nice one was. Offsides. Right. So, you know, born miss defense. We've already touched on there. They're not as good as the rest of the team. They're they're basically their achilles heel. And they showed it here. Salah took them to took him to school. So we'll see we'll see Liverpool Klopp has. No, I I feel a mole nervous. We'll get to that in a little bit. So. So arsenal. Let's run through the other games here arsenal hunters field you, and I watched this together, very nice tricycle goal by Tarare. To break the ice. Final eighty something. If minute. Great goal. You know, a great finish great vision from Wendy's EON it great control and pass room about me Yang. You still feel a little disappointed by this game was a fucking mess. Three bookings for simulation. That's I love that fans that have been all over, you know, deli and son. Although I mean to in the last week, our fans have been all over son. Fans that have really been a mall over time fan tandem for diving perhaps a little unfairly. So but is just funny to see arsenal. Get three different times for dives in this game. We now are gonna be missing with staffy suck Socratous with yellowcard suspensions for the next Premier League game. So we're now down holding Musavi and Socratous for centrebacks thrive. No idea because you only better be fit. They go ninety. I mean, the game was just like an absolute mess. But this is the thing with England, right? It's the winter the winter schedule there's so many games. These guys just wearing down and getting hurt. Yeah. I know. And they're so many games. I think they plant like eleven games in the next five weeks. So it's just there's just a lot going on. And we are short. And we need January comes come. Soon as possible. By some setbacks. Short at the wrong time. It's yeah. I mean to be fair. This game was terrible ways. They didn't register a shot on goal in our registered to both through tour era. Alec that Mr. absolute golden opportunity about meaning Mr. Senator just a real ugly gross game. But winter air scored rare scored three points, and I went nuts. Yeah. Hundred Hundred a couple couple looks. looks. There was a you know, a shout for penalty, which was it could have come that guy at the end, no way have gone could. Could I I could. could. That's all I'm saying. I told you this before we started recording that Sampdoria has sent out a tweet to death Tarco fans, the police stop spamming them on social media thanking them for Tarare and they set up an Email account..

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