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It was the primary guided to defend kevin durant it's a chance day he plays on site lebrun any places belfast while this we're in a very limited role for two point three million it's nothing does it were you at all that lebrun is not recruiting guys this season because he has in the past and he stayed very very quiet is osce tried to recruit david griffin back in the season that didn't work and then he sent out a tweet that he wasn't happy but but really he's been we want her to think jerry i would be considered positive spin of i think thailand has definite yeah it is it is a site worry for sure how is he upset with the french are the organisation the front office i think anybody get a free agent while much all right moving on here the houston rockets i guess in a way similar to your thunder and bringing in a superstar it's chris paul they also got me they tucker joe cheat of their new rodney patrick beverley lou williams decker herald that me there are a lot of those guys going inequitable cycle for this has claimed records paltry so what's the grade for the rockets speed moved so far to we got trading at euro what are you doing radio i always wanted to be a teacher does handing out random great the people they'd make a ton of moves but they what they got in chris paul and pj tucker exactly what they needed a little bit more topped miss world war defense another creator they're going part they're trying to win a championship i'm say as a possibly as a third will walk this thing getting carmelo anthony so that they can bring into superstars ncb three and carmelo deployeloqtside james harden i like it even if it doesn't work perfectly at least you're trying for something even with the warriors being the greatest team in the world.

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