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Or killed when a tree falls on their North Carolina home. A third person is also died from injuries connected to this storm. We'll keep you posted there as well. We'll fire fighters in York. Maine new that the. First responders in Merrimack valley last night needed to be fed. So six of them jumped into their mobile support unit headed to Lawrence fire chief, Chris Ballantyne tells WBZ that unit just happens to be equipped with a kitchen, we knew that a lot of the guys and gals that were working on the incident had missed out on their evening meal because everything happened just prior to that and we set up at the ball there, and we probably fed anywhere from three hundred to five hundred police and fire an ambulance people. And then when they ran out of food the nearby market baskets came to the rescue Valentine says they donated twelve shopping carts filled with hamburgers hotdogs, whatever else was needed to feed. The first responders in a crisis one way people get their information is through alerts like reverse nine one one calls or probably more popularly text messages. So a company at Burlington is behind. One of these efforts. It has been sending out mass critical alerts to people in the Merrimack valley and Joel Rosen with the company called ever bridge says it has also been helping people in the path of hurricane Florence. Has been used to send over three million messages related to Florence down in the North Carolina, South Carolina and surrounding areas, and then onto in this very kind of a sudden situation up in the valley more than seventy five of our customers have sent over one hundred forty five thousand messages Rosen says they send out messages about evacuations shelter locations. And when it's safe to head back home. He says they also inform people after the crisis about the restoration process. Important work being done in Burlington by ever bridge. WBZ news time three nineteen a man accused of beating his girlfriend to death. Nearly four years ago is now been ruled competent to stand trial. Prosecutors tell a judge the doctors at Bridgewater state hospital found John Devine competent to face first degree murder charges in the two thousand fourteen death of former Boston ballet dancer, Tania Nichols, divine was committed for six months last year after a psychologist determined. And he was not fit for trial. His lawyer says he should remain hospitalized. The judge will decide September being declared blood cancer month by the leukemia and lymphoma society, and it reports that progress is being made in fighting those diseases the societies doctor Gwen Nichols says they're seeing a lot of promise in something called car. T therapy genetic engineering a therapy where you use your own immune system. The patient's own immune system to help fight their tumor cells. Nickel says some blood cancers are being cured now. And hopefully more will be soon you can lean. Learn more about blood cancers at L S dot org. WBZ news time three twenty one. Looks like we're going to be limping towards the finish line on Wall Street this week the market's going for five straight wins a full week of wins, and the comeback is on were still in the red. But just barely with about a half hour. And about forty minutes really left in the trading day. The Dow, NASDAQ and S and P five hundred about break even at this point space x shooting for the moon when and with whom will be revealed on Monday, we are being told that mission will not be the same as founder Elon Musk outlined last year. The original plan called for two passengers to fly around the moon this year using a falcon rocket and a dragon crew capsule. But now there's word they'll still fly around the moon, but their use a bigger rocket that still in development, and that one person is going to make that trip and means the flight could be a few years away. Humans have not been to the moon since nineteen seventy two. She has a familiar face and has been seen in a number of movies right now, her whereabouts are unknown mystery in China, a famous actress is missing. Don't you people and Bing being has appeared in the X men and airman movie franchises? She's also the face of Mont Blanc, watches and beers diamonds. The thirty six year old disappeared in June amid rumors. She was involved in a tax evasion investigation. She made forty three million dollars last year. Her disappearance comes as China undertakes, a culture crackdown officials have pledged to ban stars who behaved badly when he Gillette CBS news.

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