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Carol Yeah, and one of those conversations. She's a friend of the show. Jason unite. Both have spent a lot of time. Talking with Mindy Grossman. She's the presidency of WW international used to be known as weight watchers. But she has been transforming that company thinking about wellness holistically and I got to say that they've been going through a tough time because of the virus. They've had to cut costs. They've had to let go. Workers have had to shut down. Some of their outlets. We had a lot to talk about with Mindy Grossman. We entered the year with unbelievable Mo mentum. You know, we had launched my w W we You are in the throes of our digital transformation. We did a nine city tour with Oprah touching, you know, 135,000 people. And you know, then all of a sudden mid March, the world changed and we had to quickly pivot not only for the safety and security of our employees and our members. But it was important to us that we kept our community together because of our probably five million members who are all digital. 25% of them also attended our studios in March. In six days we had a trained 14,000 coaches. Pivoted our whole products in tech team. And simultaneously in 12 countries. We launched virtual workshops, which in the first week we had 15,000 and there's still continuing. A day and that pinned it for us, even though we saw suppressed subscription starting in mid March that started really picking up again. Starting in mid April. And you know now our digital subscribers are at an all time high, as is our retention, and it was our maniacal focus on not losing our community. In a world where community and motivation and support are really more important than ever, even psychologically for people. We also took the learning from the tour we did physically with Oprah said. What can we do for people needs is now more than ever. And we launched a four week every Saturday virtual tour with Oprah and made the decision to make it sweet globally for everyone. Because it's really what people needed right now, and that's what our brand Texas for since the very beginning, and we had just in the 1st 1 Over half a 1,000,000 people live, and we've now had Millions of people watch the content. So what we've been trying to do is use this as an opportunity to accelerate our digital transformation. Reduce our real estate sent right be able Tio. Dad, you know, to the ecosystem of wellness and, you know, I think now we're seeing more than ever. Health and wellness is on top of everybody's mind. It's not a luxury anymore. It's a necessity. Talk about Mindy and I believe we've talked about this before. You've mentioned her a couple of times the Oprah effect here. I mean, what has she done for the brand? Especially in this time? It feels almost mohr important toe have that voice for a whole variety of reasons. He has been a partner to me. You know the day I joined the company, certainly as a board member, but also as a thought partner in how can we work together to really give people the tools and the motivation? They can really live their best healthiest lives. So you know, if you look at what we've built out in terms of this wellness ecosystem, whether it's nutrition or activity or mindset, motivation, sleep relationships, whatever that isthe Having Oprah and her voice to be able to amplify and it's really her superpower is galvanized people. We really thought on the tour, and we also saw it on the virtual tour and I know she fields. Now, more than ever. What we bring is going to be more critical for people and you know, as we talked about moving into the broader Hope of wellness. We said we're never gonna advocate our global leadership in healthy weight loss, which is so important. If you look at the number one factor in Kobe death was obesity. Diabetes is a huge factor and We're seeing from all our data in terms of why people are joining on DH. What is that? What is top of mind? I need to be healthy, not just for me but healthy.

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