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The dims that could cause a failure without the release meanwhile officials in fort bend county houston's southwest suburbs late sunday issued widespread mandatory evacuation along the brussels river levy districts county officials were preparing for the river to reach major flood stage is late last night county judge robert herbert said at a news conference that national weather service officials were predict i think that the water could rise to fifty nine feet three feet above the two thousand sixteen records and what herbert called an 800year fled level herbert said that the amount of water would top the levies and carries a threat of levy failure the director of the federal emergency management agency see brock long predicted that the aftermath of the storm would require fema's involvement for years texas governor greg abbott explains great of a plus all the way from the president doubted spoken to the president several times to his cabinet members that is sector of homeland security the administrator tom price daria albinger missouri and so all across the board the the dope from the white house to the federal mess right into fema they've been very helpful when it comes preparation we've never been more prepared of course door that we have in this five border patrol agents in san diego said the arrests of thirty people in the country illegally led to the discovery of a crossborder smuggling tunnel the us customs and border protection said the border patrol agents arrested thirty people 23 chinese nationals and seven mexican nationals around one in the morning on saturday cpb said that people appeared to have just been smuggled into the.

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