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Head he wouldn't let go i kept screaming beating him with a paddle when you're in the middle of it you don't have a lot of thought except you hope you survive finally specter has been climbed on the guides kayak and begin paddling as fast as they could the otter followed us but didn't attack again current how i think it was last seen taught segment saying you come into my hands right this is what is going to happen to you han think federal excellence for free yeah so there you go twenty percent off the next guy get out of here we will come back we will have all gone radio will talk to barry at about at this point about koreans heated toiling zach and the most important while ago yeah we need to talk about the the meeting would steve sampson and because liz loved that hotel she loved that hotel we have to see a parallel to we'll be back i'm tony kornheiser this is the tony kornheiser show gotta go this is the spotify read for those of you who wanna know how to write good effect of add copy listen carefully to the spotify rate every knows spotify is the place to go to stream the latest in greatest than music but you can now also stream podcasts it's easy open the app on your mobile device or desktop click on the browse channel then click on the podcast section you can also stream on your smart speaker they've all your favorites across news entertainment sports and culture start streaming now boom boom you're listening to the tony kornheiser show the county coroner.

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