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I was at a client's site last week where I had to have the client test their application in order for them to log into their application. Okay. Yeah. As soon as they, they logged in. Okay, they had to pull out their smartphone, right, and they got a verification. They had to click okay on their smartphone? Yeah. Before they could get into the application, which that's a step, that's a good thing. But on my talk about after you talk about what you're talking about. Is yours the Ubeku keys are the best way to do to factor versus your smartphone. So go ahead and finish up your story. So anyway, a security key is a useful tool. Now if that happens since potential, hackers would need both your password and that physical key itself to log into your count. Right. Google has boasted that sense. It adopted security keys. None of its employees have fallen victim to account takeovers, right? Google plans to start off ring a device. It's built the tighten security king to the public sometime in the next few months. People who have a lot to lose a lot at stake. Those are the ones who are starting to adopt our products, said errands fired. Say that make it easy for you to say? Yes, you because he's got a good solution as far as to factor goes. So. All right. So let me in the Bama campaign. Was there working with the folks at Google so that they could actually get all of our data so they could target us directly. I mean, there are working with Google to figure out who to target in two thousand twelve, and that's why they knew about these keys. Well, it wasn't the head of Google like, yeah. Big friend of. When the other campaigns do it with a Facebook, it's a, it's a huge conspiracy, but it's good that they use that technology. So high profile individuals, people on Twitter who have a lot of followers or youtuber with millions of followers. Right. So the extra security measure likely would have protected Clinton campaign manager, John Podesta's emails. It was yes, Jeff link. The regional IT director for Obama's can't Obama's campaign in two thousand eight said they did not use the security. He's at that time, right? So it didn't use them in two thousand eight, but they did use them in two thousand and twelve because it was too early errands fired originally mentioned that both Obama's campaigns used the security keys, but that the company later clarified that it did not offer the tool in two thousand and eight sounds good. So I want to bring up the next article because that is a good a good way to secure your systems. Because here this article, this is from Krebs on security. When in my favorite security bloggers, he's got an article called hang up on the mo- on mobile in the name of security. There's an entrepreneur of virtual currency fake money fake money. He's an investor who is suing AT and t. for the fact that he lost two hundred twenty four dollars real dollars that were fake out of his account. So they want to hundred twenty four million bucks for may TNT because what happened was he had something called sim swapping. So this guy, the bad guys knew he was a heavy investor in fake money in cryptocurrency, and they figured out that he had an AT and t. phone. So like Bob mentioned at the client where you get a text message or something to your phone. He had that on his account, his crypto account, so he would have to log in as as as a user and then his phone, give him a little tech saying, hey, is this you? And he'd type in the number and they'd let you in well with sim swopping. You need a bad guy on the inside at AT and t. in this case, and the bad guy was able to kill his phone and move his sin. Mm card to the bad guys phone. So as long as he had the credentials for the crypto currency account, the text message went to the bad guy. And he's suing AT and t. my point here is it's not AT and t. fall to use their phone as your second factor AT and t. is not coming out and saying via a mobile phone, so you can use it. I curate tool. I mean the the AT and t. guys that are selling you. The phones in the stores were selling sneakers a week ago. There's nothing about what selling a phone that should be necessarily connected to security..

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