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Your plants out on the deck after Nice weekend of fixing the yard up and everything might have to bring him in. Get him out of that wind by midweek, so How about this story here? A woman who was the only survivor when her family's boat capsized back in 1986 has met her rescuers. Yeah, After Desert family died, she was drifting in the ocean with just a life preserver on and Prepared to give up. Well, a couple of guys named Mark Cassano and Paul Stressor. We're helping. Ah, how many rather fishing boat when they saw her? Could you imagine you're out there fishing that far out, and there's somebody bobbing around in just a life jacket. Well because of a podcast desert now in her heroes were emotionally reunited. How cool is that good news story right there. 8. 30 Eights. Alabama's Morning news on the way Next Gonna be talking with Rick Manning, president of Americans for Limited government and, oh, what a disaster was in Texas. You know, the last month Winter storm. Yeah, it was a dandy and cause major problems. Well, was that mother nature responsible for that? Is some say, Well, sure, I mean, that's what caused it all. But could the disaster have been prevented? With better government rules, talk more about this and how we can avoid it in the future. Three minutes. Alabama's morning news news radio 1055 w e R C financial planning is a woman's issue. That's because women live five years longer than men, so the money has to last longer, But women earn 20% less and women are out of work place for 12 years due to care, giving first Children and later parents. The result is that women in a retirement with just two thirds as much money as men. Hi, I'm Rick Adelman, founder of Edelman Financial Engines, join me and Gene chat ski founder.

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