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To shut down the coal fired plant around twenty members of the group and no call no gas bill scaffolding on the track three stories high just south of route to this woman and her friends were detained they did tell us that we're trespassing we had to get off the train tracks harbored police chief and Denmark been almost thirty years been to several different types of protests but nothing worse anyone actually set up scaffolding and went to this level to to block train traffic so obviously the committed to their cause for activists passively resisted arrest but were eventually removed from the scaffolding and taken into custody for trespassing they want the coal fired plant in bow New Hampshire to shut down in Harvard James R. O. hasta UBC Boston's newsradio it's eight thirty six new calls by animal activists for horse racing to be suspended at Santa Anita Park in southern California we get more from ABC's Alex stone in the last thirteen months thirty seven horses have died at Santa Anita now only days into the new season to have died since December twenty six first horse name truest reward sustained a broken left foot during training and had to be put down then on Wednesday the first racing death when golden birthday took a bad step in was euthanized last year I like county prosecutors found no criminal wrongdoing when it came to horror status at CNN need yeah I like stone ABC news Los Angeles well three days into the new year are being warned about what not to do when writing checks and signing documents abbreviating can be a green light for scammers law enforcement technology and consumer experts advice is to write the full date twenty twenty abbreviating could make you vulnerable to fraud it also was a good idea to write out the month abbreviating gives forgers a ticket to ride perhaps making it simpler to cash in old check even establish an unpaid debt and legal issues will be minimized for example today would be January three comma twenty twenty Gary non CBS news physical fitness a priority for many in the new year but ABC's Terry all but you're saying fiscal fitness is equally as important so maybe one of your new year's resolutions is to lose weight or get shared so much over the holidays.

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