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Over the internet this morning, and we've got an on our website at Cannock sensitivity dot com. Over is looking to restart testing the autonomous cars on public roads companies filed an application with the Pennsylvania department of transportation to test in Pittsburgh, nine fifty Germany. Here's Frank Motech. Good morning. Samantha Zimmer early on about the latest jobs report, the fading on new worries about U S, China trade talks, the US and China long way from reaching a trade deal. According to a senior Trump administration official telling CNBC this morning, the Dow which had pop more than one hundred points early on is now down two hundred six points. Employers can send you to add jobs at a quick clip in the month of October. No sign that hiring was going to slow down. And looks like the nation's unemployment rate is holding steady at a near fifty year low. We're seeing a apple having a very rough day down about seven percent to two oh, seven and change. The tech giant surprised investors by saying it will no longer disclose the number of iphones and cells each quarter apple sales in its lays quarter estimates for the holiday season. Both disappointing analysts take a look at where we stand right now with the price of oil. It is sliding down fifty five cents at sixty three fourteen even as the US reimposes sanctions against Iran. The Dow right now down to ten NASDAQ down one of three s and p five hundred down thirty we check in money at twenty and fifty Frank. Motech from the capital money desk. KNX ten seventy NewsRadio semi car already changed for a standard time. It already the clock is all funky already. So I had to change it back. Now, I have to change it again. Because this is the weekend. We fall back. I'm just complaining about my car, basically. Twenty-five clocks change at my house. That's a problem. We'll discuss more in two minutes. It's nine fifty one. Hey, small business owners, you know, that clear and straightforward communication is crucial. Like what you just heard? So when AT and T says one thing it actually means another well, it can get really frustrating, for example, AT and T now says they have fast internet what they really mean is basic internet was slow starting speeds that can't keep up with your business Spectrum Business internet starting speed. It's one hundred megabits per second much faster than AT and T, and what AT.

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