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From the Mon broadcast center at KP. See this is the frame, I'm John horn. And thanks for joining us during our fall. Membership drive today on the show we have a conversation with actor will Afo. He's now starring in a new movie called at attorneys gape to folk plays Vincent Van Gogh toward the end of his life. The movie is directed and co written by the artist and filmmaker Julian Schnabel, and it's not all that interested in Van Gogh's mental health instead at attorneys gate is focused on Van Gogh's painting. How the Dutch artists all light and color and texture. It's also about Van Gogh's friendship with a French painter Paul Gauguin who's played in the film by Oscar Isaac when Willem Dafoe join me in the studio at KPCC early this week, I asked as I always do at the start of an interview if his mobile phone was turned off. I don't carry him for you. Congratulations radical. That's good. You can spend more time talking reading scene. Seen as opposed to looking looking at people. Yeah. Sounds like good training for playing a painter. Yes. I wanna ask you about Willem. Welcome to the show. I should welcome. Thanks. Sure. I wanna ask you about the shooting of this film. Because in watching it, I imagined there are a lot of early mornings and late evenings. Because the way that this. Film captures light is extrordinary. And I wonder what that was like on a given day because the light in this film is without equal. Right. I think that's well observed and light is important one of the first things I had to learn how to paint for this just practically and also as a key to the character. And the first thing I learned was concept of painting, the light, and then from in terms of the DP, and and Julian composing things nature was, you know, a big character in this..

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