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In half labrador you just say goods go laver an ardent isn't it to us say what it is it's kind of weird i know orange trying to take credit for everything all the time but it's a little confusing so please i appreciated jones tells racial draft you know we ought to choose b o one for all decide you're with us your with them yeah well w out quincy this quincy likes the ladies he likes the ladies he went balls out on every interview question i've read this thing ten times it is started homeowners meaning but the one that is getting the most attention is his allegations i guess for lack of a better word that a a couple of very famous men once had sex rain prior richer priorities daughter is among those who believe quincy jones a claim that her father richard prior once had sex with marlon brando is not happy about this he made the claim in this enfold should not have as a hate crime did not be happy rush forget jurgen off marlon brando done so so guns think about it seemed the game some credence when prior's widow jennifer lea confirmed it but rain says it's just another show does fact well this is what she went on facebook q was once a brilliant music producer who is losing his mind and decided to garner publicity for himself with a sensationalized interview and he's spewed out a lie about my father who is not here to defend himself then on top of it all my daddy fair brando's in here either that's true i was gonna say the only part of this those ring true was the w what is why would quincy jones need publicity he's a very very very rich he's just eight he's 85 he has more money the news knows what to do with an every answer was whole area yeah who knows he's going scorched earth right now she says out than to top it all off my dad so called widow validated it because she needs to keep legitimizing herself and tarnish our data even after he is dead she hated q and daddy so he was saying all kinds of great things in this interview i pulled a couple of questions.

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