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The search for information about this elusive figure has overtaken my musical and sociological study. Every new clue each new testimonial or bit of evidence I uncover adds another piece to the Jigsaw puzzle picture. I am working to assemble Mr Bear and his partner who called himself Jay. Banjo seemed to have been present and even influential at many of the signal events in the history of American vernacular music from Parchman farm to New Orleans from the Bristol sessions. Two sons -TUDIOS for years experts haven't been able to agree on exactly where Barron Banjo should even fit into the neatly categorized world of modern music. The pop up all around history. They're sort of like Kaiser. Soza of the musical world musical ghost stories if you will story Beirne. Banjo isn't just about music. Also about their proximity. History Luckily J. Banjo had a new technology on the portable recording device influenced by the characters he would soon meet. Lomax is in bear believed that recorded music and voices of regular American preventers to the rest of the ever expanding and modern American so they took the medium of recorded sound on the road to the people open up a whole new wave music which would in turn become the Fokker. This first wave of recorded folk music consisted primarily hillbilly songs race records and other indigenous. American sounds bear this musical opportunities and voices for the voiceless for Banjo. He saw dollar signs and another day Banjo here. I'm just outside New Orleans. We got some city full gear with technology to bring my songs to the masses. I missed my chance. Back with them. Bristol sessions but the Lomax here now. They've been canvassing the country. This is my chance to make it all the way to the big apple as a showman. I haven't seen bear and some time now. I'm making my way with or without him. Perhaps these tunes are enough to get me signed on merit alone but if not there's always bear if I can track them down timid where could he be? Where could he be? No one had seen the locks of bearer for some time Barron J. Banjo parted ways after their initial Rana musical encounters in the early not ten thirty J. Banjo knew that in order to fulfill his musical drains. They'd have to remain in the meantime. There's that record and honing wrecked the record credited to Walter. Boy did not sound like any record made in the nineteen thirties or indeed in the pre vinyl era that is characteristic of the recordings made by the bear. Who seems to have? Been a johnny appleseed of musical some of which had an immediate influence on entertainers and songwriters he encountered while others lay dormant for years before finding expression and songs that appeared for the first time in the nineteen forties nineteen fifties and even into the nineteen seventies through the library of Baylor University. Where Governor Okay? Allen's papers are kept. I made contact with. Dj Brebner the son of the late governors longtime secretary body Bremner. It was my good fortune that bounty a- bachelor had cared for his father during a long convalescence and committed to memory stories. He heard many times. My father was the governor side every day. Saturdays included and often Sundays as well. I heard him speak a number of times about this character. Mister Banjo who I understand to have been a white man and Mr Bear. Who was a Negro. My father thought it unusual that Mister Banjo appear to defer to Mr Bear when they first came into the Governor's orbit it was assumed. That bad was banjos later. My father said he was quite certain that the lines of authority extended in the other direction. Although in those days in that part of the world is not. Something careful would've advertised during a sabbatical semester. I traveled to lose Yana with a copy of the song called born this way and played it at African American retirement homes and to shreveport saloons that catered to a Clyde tell of senior citizens several of the elderly patrons suggested that they knew the name of the singer on my tape recorder but there was no agreement between them. Change Right now on mind. Woodrow Adams I met him once in a while. Mba saw him perform on the back of a cabbage truck. Yeah I know who big travel with white may not kumate? I knew the man who name it. Too Big grading her newsroom from somewhat retinal couldn't help over two journeys totaling thirty. Three days is symbol. What I believe to be the true story of how Governor Allan came into possession of the record attributed to Walter void. The more I learn the more certain I became that I had indeed discovered previously unknown recording by the lost musician called Mr Bear. The first key was my discovery that during his days. In the governor's mansion okay. Alan came to be acquainted with John. Lomax the Lomax is people you might WanNa know. If you're trying to digest the story rooted in American Twentieth Century History they were folklorist and the Lomax John and Alan roam the American south making recordings of spirits blues and Folk Music Google. If you can interesting feller share once. I knew that I was able to fill in much more of the story with the invaluable aid of the lomax archive at the American folklife center of the Library of Congress. We owe much very understanding of American Blues. John and Alan Lomax in the course of their journeys. Low Max. Father and son recorded prisoners like iron head Baker Clear Rock Platt they were intellectual bat acids and their day. So was John Lomax. Felt that convicts who had been locked up for a long time. Perserve the purity of the folk and Blues Songs. They remembered uncorrupted by accessed the new inventions radio and phonograph records the law. Max's recorded non prisoners too and that is how they came to know. The man referred to in their notes as J Banjo. Today's the day I play my book repertoire from the NOMEX sure I might not be from the field or some small town but I got folk music in me all that time spent with Mister Bay has brought it out. I know I see it and I think that they'll see that. I'm the real deep and not some phony Bologna city focus showy vaudevillian tricks to to make a quick buck. My songs that good and they're going to stand the test of time with or without bear. The lomax were approached by Banjo in a boarding house outside New Orleans. He said he had heard that the famous song collectors were passing through and wondered if he might see they're recording machine. He explained that he was a musician. Himself an amateur collector of folklore. The Father John. Lomax was annoyed by this fast talking. Stranger Young Allen was amused and showed him the three hundred and fifteen pound uncoated aluminum disc recorder that father and son drove from town to town. Of course luckily for US songs and interviews lomax recorded from that era are available online for anybody to check up. Penny whistle mock. Was that though sessions and we pulled an interview of his account from the loses fella. He asked if he might record a song on the apparatus believe. He said he was curious to hear his own voice. The younger of the two told him he can come back the next day when they can be set up to the cord at the local Methodist Church Hall. Well the next moon. That's strange fellow appeared at church. Karen a tenant guitar and waited walk all sorts of the folks singers fiddlers Banjo players and aspire and crews auditioned their songs at the end of the session. The older one let that same fellow offer up a tune and that was pretty good. We believe the person he was talking about to be none other than J Banjo. Banjo was confident as could be. He played not only to the recording machine and to the low marks but to all the other aspirants in the church. He offered a parade of songs. That neither law Max had heard before the Rodeo at Cherokee.

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