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In there against Tyson fury. I'm not asking him to go in there and fight one of the best in the business if Tyson in the room again it price holyfield Lennox Lewis Lennox capshaw. No it doesn't have to be one of those guys. You know who Danny Williams is. Oh that's the guy who knocked him out before. Mcbride is have derided. Okay well that's the guy free six because he may quit Echo Tyson head but tried to break his arm. You just quit. That's Tyson of twenty years ago. This Christmas here's high books I am in I. Don't if he's breaking arms and Ed Button Guys WanNa see Mike Tyson. Come in with the towel with. The SAUK was shoes with his head going back and forth a one Iron Mike. In the ring you go on. You can go on instagram right now. And see video of my buddies sugar Ray Leonard. Giving you fast hands right now right now. I've spent plenty times cigarette. He physically isn't perfect shade especially for a man of his age but he's imperfectly eight. Anyway he would give you fast hands for days and he tells you to drop me. I'm not going back Desai's it. That's what he wants to do. Any gets himself into shape to do it. I'm one like you travis. I'm going to watch it. Of course I want to see him. Do It if you did this. I'm going to be rooting for him. I WANNA see it. Keep in mind. This was a joke for George. Foreman right up until it wasn't I mean. How often will we all laugh at about? George Forman fighting on under cards in the middle of nowhere fighting against plumber's truck drivers and TD repairmen. And it was all hilarious until he kept knocking them all out and then all of a sudden. It's like this put it in there against the SORTA real guy. He took him out. Put Him in there a little bit better. The next thing you know he's The champion and under no delusions that Mike. Tyson is going to be the champ again. But just just dismissing it out of hand I wanna see I wanna him go through the process. There's Thursay difference though George. Foreman wasn't in his fifties where he came back. He was still in his mid forties. So you're looking at you looking at George Foreman at ten years and then say I'm coming back. I mean that I mean I know it doesn't sound like you're forties huge difference. It's a big difference senior forties in your fifties aftermath. Meet again. The guy is training. I WanNa see so I just want to see transformation with the transformation is there's a button on your TV remote. It says by the Mike Tyson. Fight for sixty nine ninety nine. You're GONNA hit the button or not not mariah that you're not gonNA buy now not all buyers just wasn't getting back into this on television. I'll probably watch it streaming on zone or something. I'll probably watch it. But if you're asking me to reach our quarantine pocket and pull out seventy bucks to watch Mike Tyson. Maybe make it through two rounds. Because I'm curious I'll wait for the twitter clips. Which really. He's not coming back next week. This is why he's not getting real. Next is going to be seventy if he might not. He might be traded for next year for next summer. Anybody surprised that Mike. Tyson's a clippers fan because at the end of that clip. He's in there in. La CLIPPERS shirt. Like Wow Mike's Clipper fan. I know idea. I think Spicer game tour where he was wearing. It looked gave it to him. It was too white in the league. So do I was like yeah? Somebody just gave you just aware that day. I don't know if he's rolling clipper gear all the time. 'cause that t smart crispy travels a you know. I'm the King of get crispy for something get Christie's to go work out. Do we all agree because you and I are on the same page on this. But he's getting ready for something right. This is not just him posting videos of hip break in a sweat and saying hey look it's Mike Tyson. Throwing his hands around a little bit in that cool. He's laying the he's putting down some bricks to get ready for something right. I think he is but if worst something like you know by the time he who knows you say he does he. WanNa see Tyson fury. By the time we get to Tyson theory maybe few got knocked out a few time. So who knows what it is but I wanNA see Mike Tyson. Get his body back right get in a ring and if he can fight beyond two or three rounds didn't do not then okay. I. I'll add this one. Caveat if you fighting somebody in a similar situation with a similar brand recognition I might watch that might paid watching play vendor Holyfield. I might pay to watch him fights the one of his contemporaries who's also working to get back shape. Overlapping said it still. Sounds expendable to me. So Elsie watching mayweather in in Pattaya but McGregor was that I didn't watch that was cool for people signed for that people bought it was. It was a sideshow but people pay their money. I I'm not. I'm not here to talk about people's tastes. I mean the mass singer a hit show. I can't gauge people's taste but what I can say that I personally am not going to spend money on certain things because I have no interest in seeing them. I will pay some money if there's a big name versus Mike Tyson and they're the same age and I'm just curious as to where senior citizen can make it through to the end. See Mike now. You know you go to see Mike. Put UP A poll. All right the top ten guys that wants to see Mike Tyson. Type one morning show. What seventy let's get right to it? L. Zia excited to see what we have for. Today's top ten gentlemen as you may or may not know something. Iraq has happened today this day in sports. Do you know what I'm talking about. Do you have any idea what I'm talking about? Mike item run it happened. It happened one year ago. Why Mentor hit the jumper. That advanced beyond the seventy sixers eastern conference final. Do you want to hear the sound? Let's play yes is there it is..

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