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What's the minimum amount you can put into a copy tried to like that look you can put in as minimum of two hundred dollars but I would suggest that they actually look at a little bit more than that to get a true experience. On But I would again say that you need to do your research. Mike. Show that you're comfortable with what this guy's doing We have also on our platform, what we call an editor's choice, which is way we recommend. Traitors and then he's tried is of the ones that we have seen a consistent performance of, and then you can go in and look at those individual traders and in make decision from there, and a lot of traders will be trading different instruments. So somebody might be focused on currencies. Somebody might be focused on equities or shares, but it might only be on the US market. Then there might be other people that are looking at the European market, the diversification I talked about. Whereas when somebody is new to the market and and doesn't understand what to do this is something that they can choose to do. I can maybe invest five hundred dollars with this person five hundred dollars with this person father does this person and now high of exposure in US shares in European shares and maybe somebody's trading gold. Sir. But these people well, first of all these, not just any jibe lowers off the straight that you would be following their veterans are there is a vetting process in the correct. There are two types of people that you can copy. One is say you and I both joining Torah. And I decide filling a couple of you. You know we're Mites and what we're going to do is that you know whatever try do you price? I'm happy to follow you you're and that's the most money as. A. Matter. Then, there is what we call the popular investor. Now, these are the people that have vetted. So, what we're looking for is a track record. We WanNA see how you've performed over a period of time within put in certain risk parameters. So if you start, if you're one of those guys that like to take risky bets on particular stocks. then. We have a riskoul and once your risk school gets above a certain amount blocked from being copied. So we're essentially saying we don't want people to be gambling with their money hoping that they going to see excessive returns and then getting people to copy them. That makes no sense we believe in responsible trading and to people find this a good learning experience they actually learned. From it or is it a lazy? Why of doing it? It's a bit of both I, mean at the end of the Diet is a learning experience up to the individual I guess exactly. Yeah. It's what you put in and take out the day. We have some people that are happy to say I'M GONNA. Copy three or four traders investors and I don't know anything about it. As long as they're returning me money I'm happy and we've got some very good successful try this but you need to to make it very clear. We've got thirteen million registered nurses but less than a thousand popular investors. So we are really picking the cream of the crop here..

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