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Good afternoon. I'm Mork, Lois and I'm Deborah Feinstein here of the top local stories. We're following this. Our historic White's ferry, which stop shuttling drivers across the Potomac between Loudon and Montgomery County's late last year is still docked. That's because a legal battle over the easement where it lands in Virginia is stalled. And transportation planners say it could affect how they approach widening a major road that's taken on more traffic. We want the ferry to reopen that there, gold owner of White's Fairy Herbert Brown says, despite an offer from Rockland farmed to use its Loudon County easement to dock temporarily until they can reach an agreement. He wants a permanent solution. We wanted to run for least another 150 years until they build the bridge. We certainly don't need any more traffic on route 15 Libby Devlin, who owns Rocklin Farms, No 600, Dr. There's a day we're using the fairy. She says She's open to any ideas, as the two sides cannot agree on a fair price for the easement or for Brown's business, looks pretty solid offer all cash that wasn't what he wanted for it. Meanwhile, Louden County is beginning its widening project of Route 15, which has absorbed the fairies daily passengers. The county says the whites Very closure could impact transportation planning in the future. Meghan Cloherty w T. O P. News. The state of Maryland is vaccinating an average of 25,000 resident today and the state is still planning on adding new mass vaccination sites. At the Maryland Board of Public Works meeting, Lieutenant Governor Boyd Rutherford said there are plans to expand vaccination sites in the state, well, western Maryland, Southern Maryland and the Eastern Shore and just one point out these sites will be pleased. See you being their allocations. It won't be taken away from the allocations. They're going to providers Montgomery County Council members and health officer Dr Travis Gales have asked state health officials to set up a mass vaccination site in Montgomery County. Kate Ryan w T o P News Fairfax County Health officials say they will soon offer a system that allows residents to see their place in line for a covert vaccine. Ah, dashboard will include information on the number of people on a wait list. The number of appointments the county is offering how many doses the county gets from the state each week and how many doses are distributed each week. It will also include an online self cancelation system for Fairfax County residents who want to be removed from the waiting list. A Virginia man says scheduling an appointment for his mother for a vac for a vaccination was just simply too complicated. It all started with an online survey to get the Corona virus vaccine. The website basically had a link to answer a bunch of serving questions and then gets you kind of in the queue. Nick Ni Lack of serving Virginia said his 84 year old mother, Del. Almost gave up her first response was I'm just gonna wait until they bring it to her active adult community right there, but he wouldn't let her stop. The next email from the Health department went to her junk email folder, But he helped her find it and fell out another survey when she went for her shot this week, they said they don't have enough vaccines to make her second appointment. I'm just hoping that you know Loudon County will figure out that there's probably a more efficient way that they can streamline this process bonked w T o P news. Keeping an eye on a second winter blast headed our way later this afternoon could drop several inches of snow. By the time it is said, and done by the way, one area.

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