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Paul Pabst, Andrew per lucky through a whole night. A lot of football to talk about coming out where you can get all the early games. But the talk about the incident of the weekend. Would it be fair to say Pearl off the everyone was expecting you? Lebron's home opener. It was ten thirty on a Friday night. I'm sorry Saturday night. So on the east coast may not have seen much of it, especially they watching Purdue Ohio State. But there is a I guess you'd call a brawl I hate to use the word brawl, but that an NBA that was a brawl Chris Paul and point guard for the Houston Rockets and Rajon Rondo the point guard issue for the LA Lakers were John each other giving each other elbow is lots of stuff going on and they were going face to face, and they're John each other, and they're kind of putting their hands on each other's chests and just about to get into it. But you know, these fights don't really happen. Like Rondo had his hands on his hips. And Chris Paul is kinda like giving them like right in the space. But it didn't look like anything was going on. And then all of a sudden, Chris Paul loses. It and yell something and throws his hands up towards Rondo Rondo response with a left that hit. Chris Paul pretty much right on the button for basketball. Fight is right on the button chaos. Ensued? A few players are going to get suspended. Brandon Ingram big big-band wing player for the Lakers. He threw a full punch. He didn't really make a connection. But the NBA doesn't care if you make a connection is if you make a fist and then Brown guys like Lance Stevenson surprising is pulling people part LeBron James pulling people apart. But what everyone's talking about is what set Chris Paul off. And did raise Rajon Rondo spit in his face. What did you see per LA? Yeah. I can't tell for sure there was spit like if I'm in a court of law, and you asked me are you positive that? It was a spit. I can't say for sure I lean towards I think it was a spit now they could suspend all these players for fifteen games and the NBA season is so long about six months from now it doesn't make it doesn't make the slightest difference what actually happened here is nothing like the NFL. You know, I don't think it's not twenty game suspensions. Here the punch was bad. But I don't think it's that big a deal right unless I'm wrong. I don't know what the president is for punching any suspensions are short and. It doesn't take away from the entire season. Because there was a brawl happen once in a while. And no one got really hurt. I watched the video about a dozen times really close up and a lot of people are saying Rajon Rondo couldn't have spit on him because he had a mouthpiece in those people had never played sports before. Because once you're used to using a mouthpiece. It becomes such a comfortable appendage. I guess you'd call it or accessory that you could spit underneath it. You could spit out guys have to spit with their mouthpieces into get spit out of them when they're playing football playing other sports day slowed down much different websites. But I'm watching one on dot com now and Rondo spits. He spits on him. Now could he have been saying f you could he been saying some type of other word and spit came out? I don't know. But I know spit from Rondo hit Chris Paul right in the face. And that's why are you? Sure. He wasn't screaming at him. You're that's the key thing here. Rondos mouths barely open. He's like looking at him any kind of. And you just seem kind of go. I'm making that motion. Because because he's not his mouth is basically close his lips. Are you know, he's in the mouthpiece is kinda sticking out. So, but you see this and Chris Paul's demeanor changes spit in the face will do that to you. I'll tell you a quick story back in about Carolina Panthers Super Bowl Steve Smith was star receiver, and he was on the Dan Patrick show the next day, and he and Terrell Buckley got into a fight during that game. And he told Dan Patrick on the Dan Patrick show. Why dangles why'd you get into photo? Buckley is always spent my face is. Oh is that bad youth? Dan. That's the worst. He was you can call me, this you can talk about my sister, my mother, but you spent my face you're saying, I'm not even worthy of a man. I'm your spitting on me like garbage. You're treating me like garbage. He goes, I'll punch anybody who spits my face now. Steve Smith who gets riled up from time to time. But Chris Ball. I think had the right to take a shot. Absolutely now, by the way. So we're two games in the fighting about the Lakers is Rondo and even in Ingram suspension has no impact because they go. They go deep, and they have no idea what they're doing for rotation. They actually played pretty well last night. But I don't I don't even understand this team. I don't know like who are the Lakers. Can you tell me that is are they a contender? Are they a playoff team? Are they what is happening there? I I've watched both parts of both games. Now. I what's your first impression. Lebron's Lakers that they're gonna have to grind to get forty five win. Yeah. Oh in two now, and they're gonna play, you know, some bad teams. But there's just not that many bad teams in the west and just based off odds of the number of teams play with that lineup. It's gonna take them a month to figure out what they're doing. And by then will they be tech? Will they be ten and fifteen? Twenty five games. The one thing I would say I can't make heads or tails this team because I think they don't even know what they're going to have. They do have some talent with. I really you you, and I both love guys like javale McGee and think that he helped I like him. Yeah. I know. I just don't know what the pieces are. There is not a three point shooting team net. Just feel so weird to see that. By a couple of other quick NBA things. You know, who is impressing me, you know, one of my favorites sneaky players Zach LeVine. The former slammed Octavian on fire for the bulls had thirty points to games in a row shooting. Fifty six percent from the field. The other is Sixers this great story. JJ radic. It's a game winner last night to beat the magic, which isn't that? Impressive. Guess why? See this morning in Brooklyn JJ Riddick. Yeah. He commutes. I've read this story before after the game to Philadelphia he drives to Brooklyn saw him at a street fair in Brooklyn. How awesome is I mean is there a better life than any the game winner in semi meaningless early season NBA game that showed up in Brooklyn the next day. Real quick. Do you think JJ Redick is car service back home for the game or drives himself?.

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