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Know, we are committed to improving the environment. So you know it's got where we can. We are contributing to that effort in northern Kentucky. We have almost 10 megawatts of solar Um, but again, you know, we really need some some pretty large acreage in order to put in utility scale. Solar on dit is an intermittent as we have in Ohio. We've got a lot of land I'll beat in rural areas, but it seems to me like, you know, having seen how wind came along. I think about it. You've got all these wind turbines, but they're spread out all over the place. They're mechanical, which means they're gonna break down. Where is Soler? Once you put the panels in place? Generally, there's not a lot of there's a lot. It's a lot less maintenance that you have to do on solar. Then you would do on the on the intensity of the wind, right. There there is, I would agree with that. But you know that the other aspect of this is battery storage, right? Because you also need that storage capability. When did solar our Internet resource is? You know a day like today? The sun is not yet shiny, eh? So we need that compliment. Which enables us to store that power. And then I tell you, you know that the industry is really moving. We're moving here. Duke energy exploring battery storage as a zoo. Compliment to some renewable generation is some of our other jurisdictions. So we'll continue. I think to see those advancements. Yeah, I mean, with the advancements we've made in battery technology and look a test lower hack. You know, Emma when I was using power tools, it's amazing how quickly I can recharge a battery for driller and impact driver table saw whatever it is in how long the charge will run. It's light years ahead of where we were even even five or 10 years ago. Um, you mentioned to Amy Spiller, president of operations for Ohio and Kentucky and Duke Energy. About charitable contributions you guys were making in order to help people is we move through Cove it and obviously the lack of people, the greater number of people unable to pay their bills. What was that? And and so, Scott early on. I mean, we stepped up in March and contributed organizations that here we're really focused on meeting just a daily needs of our of our neighbors. Whether it was food, shelter, prescription medicine, the basics so that folks could go through the day and dignified fashion. So over $150,000 quickly in March, we came behind that. With $150,000 in partnership with the Our local chambers, The Greater Cincinnati Chamber in the northern Kentucky Chamber to really get AIDS, too small businesses. Women minorities, Vectra don't businesses that in normal times face challenges and during the pandemic, those challenges simply magnified. We also Scott recognized seat this serious the gravity of the issues around social justice, racial equity and really wanted to have a role in that respect. So earlier this summer, announced $200,000 to support local organizations whose mission Really is to advance those critically important issues. We know we know that so much is happening in the education and workforce space and so this year alone Over $500,000 for for educators for those who are who are working with those in the workforce. Maybe new, right? Um Returning to the workforce are struggling because their positions have been affected by the pandemic will contribute. Look continue to make these contributions almost $2 million this year. Southwest Ohio in northern Kentucky. Really, to help our organizations who are committed to making our region successful and toe whether through this pandemic? Again. Amy Spiller on the show on 700 wlw. She is the president of Duke Energy, Ohio Kentucky operations and I can't stress this enough. If you run into difficulties here with covert and unemployment and you know, with winter coming I've gotta have the furnace running. There's no doubt about it. You, Mabel get by without air conditioning for most of the year, but certainly can't do that with heat, Especially as cold as this winter is about to be so please reach out if you're having difficulties paying because of covert or late unemployment. Whatever reach out to Duke, reach out to your creditors. Call them and say, Listen, I lost my job. I don't have money coming in. I know you gotta swallow your pride and it's a difficult thing, but they want to work with you and make sure that they don't turn they will not disconnect your service. Duke won't if if you reach out and Just come up with a plan or say Hey, I'm gonna defer payment, whatever it might be, But you guys will work with 100% of people, right? We will absolutely work with them. And Scott the one thing that I want our customers. To be particularly sensitive to our scans on scam tactics that we're seeing with. Unfortunately, during these these times, folks are preying on the more vulnerable On done suspecting, and so we have seen an increase in scans this year, and I think the latest Is someone called a customer claiming to be calling on behalf of their utility company, telling that customer that they're entitled to a refund that the utility company made a mistake and it's the customer share some personal information. About themselves. They'll get that refund. That is the scam 100% scam, So we certainly don't want any of our customers to be to be taken advantage of. By those who are really looking to get some some personal information about them, whether it's account numbers, social Security numbers, etcetera. Thanks again for the time. Amy Spiller at Duke. All the best to sadly Phelan who normally does these things, And you know, I kind of like you better. Yeah, we're so thrilled to have Sally is on our team. She is absolutely terrific. Scott. Yeah. Better your team than mine anyway. Uh, Sally usually comes out in a moment's notice and Generally when when things are bad, too. It's like all the power's out, Sally, It's your fault. So you know, it's like blaming Ronald McDonald for a bad hamburger. She is just the she's just the dart board for this, but all the best, Jamie thanks again for coming on the show would be well. Me back. Thanks. Got you to take their fight. Get a break in here. Back in about 4.5 minutes, your calls or 513749 7008 on the Big one Palm seven of 18 and at Scott's load on Twitter. Plus, we'll check your news in just minutes on 700 wlw working from home, the kids learning at home, the face masks and the social distancing No movies..

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