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Want to get your impression or is there any possible correction yeah I think and I think there may be some options for you so it really depends on what what the surface of the eye looks like so the condition that you're talking about is in the cornea the clear window on the surface of the eye and that cornea can become I can develop certain types of changes or problems that cause some scarring in the cornea and usually the scarring in this type of in this type of condition is quite superficial and if the scarring is superficial sometimes that scarring can be lasered out or removed you know with with some technology just to remove the most superficial layers of the cornea and get rest of that story if that's the case if it is superficial and if it is just map dot fingerprint which it may or may it may be something else something else could be going on to that without looking at it I can't say for sure but but if that's what it is and it's superficial there is the possibility of actually treating that scarring and improving your vision of the focus of the I may change you may end up wearing glasses more than you do now are needing glasses more but but that's a small price to pay for you know clear vision if it works interesting this is something like forty three percent of the population have seizures it is common but it's uncommon for people to have permanent vision loss as a result.

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