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Study Eric Phelps his writings Vatican, assassins in their favorite tool forgetting people with Ripois. So I didn't trust anybody. So I finally met with just a Paul, and she starts to, you know, ask a bunch of questions, and I said, let's let's just change the topic a little bit here. I have a document. It's called cremants Lucci. Tutsi onus the Konosuke Shen. I translated at out of a Latin and I'm deeply disturbed, and you do know the Bishop McManus spent most of his time in Rhode Island with his gay lover. And she says, oh, we need to be compassionate. I said I have been compassionate. I have people that are gained my family in. You know, what here's the deal? None of my people in my family are lying openly and dick making declarations against the gay people. They're not hiding this. And yet he is he's hiding it. In order for him to go up the ranks to cardinal cardinal it, and I should burn the more. He's involved in much more than just that. Then she caved in and said, listen can't we just be friends. I says I'm done with the Catholic church. The Catholic church broke away. She says what do you want me to do? I just had open heart surgery. I'm in my eighties. What do you want me to do? And I said sister if you can continue being a part of this group, this whole Catholic church debts on your conscience. But with all the studies and everything I've come up with for me to continue a day furthering. This is sin. I cannot be in alignment you guys. That's when she says, but we've educated. You can't we be friends, and I said sister, I can be friends with you. And I don't have a problem being friends with you will act to that meeting. I go home. She gives me an Email with the name of the guy who she she basically dropped the hint in let me know as being follow twenty four hours a day seven days a week. I went to someone who had much to say worked with government. And I said who is this guy? Oh, yeah. That that guy works with the CIA. I was like what? The CIA as following me. That doesn't make any sense now, I'm really whipping out. Okay. Because a newspaper reporter walked in my house years before this disclosure, and he said he asked me to do let anybody know that we were gonna have a meeting and get together face to face. I said not until about an hour and a happy said, no, no, no within twenty minutes. Did you call? Anyone said, no, they're all at work. I call my sister to let her know them newspapers come in here to talk with me in a week or so, but everyone was at work. I didn't call my sister until then too. So I didn't call anybody within twenty minutes. He says I get a call, and I was threatened with my my life, David dorm, Spencer, new leader my life was threatened. And I'm deeply concerned for you. I should I'm so sorry. You don't need to take this story on he says, I will take the story on he says. But you do you do you your phone? Is is tapped because he's like do you have a cell phone? I said, no, I don't have a cell phone at all. I have a normal phone that goes into the Jack there, he says, no, no, no. You phone is tapped. He says, please be very careful. So now, I have that. Then I've got people following me. And I've got all this other weird stuff going on. So I said forget it. I'm done I'm done with this. So I'm like totally Josh to have given a lot of my time in Aker in energy for free for over seven years. I've even given my car away to victim survivor. Okay. And I I was barely surviving myself. And I'm like, I can't do this. I'm burnt out. And there's no help there's nobody I have to just get a new I have to renew myself. So that's when I ended up getting the truth about the bigger picture, and that Massachusetts is not the only state that's or infected by the Vatican politics, and that this has been going on for many many years, but it's our entire country. And so. I moved to Texas renew. My love for Christ getaway from all of this stuff. And I and I say, okay, God, what do you want me to do? And so this was a beautiful time. This was a time regeneration. This was a time of figuring out the things that would would make me in terms of like, what would make me overjoyed to wake up. What would make me happy to to what what could I do in service to others that would be alignment with Mike my new self, you know, I'm no longer none in. So that's when I started to study different kinds of lawful in legal remedies. So I started to go to classes leg creditors in commerce. I went from truth to more true to war truce to more true. In started to realize successes actually helped get some people out of jail. Some one person out of prison. There's to be there for over a decade. I got him out year and a half. And I started to you do other commercial remedies, and that when things started workout awesome for me big time, and I started to do seminars and very rewarding because the suffering. I went through as a result of losing the remedy with with the Commonwealth versus Joseph jakulan with that case. I started to get an understanding how courts really operated in that. You know, there is a design, and that, you know, the core is basically a Bank in they're not going to be you know, just trying to help out the little. Ersan most situations they're gonna be working with with you know, there's an outcome. That's already predetermined before you get into the court. So when I started the wake up to these kinds of truth while while while what if I start to use these remedies and sure enough I had tremendous success from the year of two thousand nine up until I think it was two thousand fourteen or fifteen is when I stopped. Because after two thousand twelve some of the remedy was shut down. And then they keep shifting and changing every six months, the judge or judges would meet Nevada and say if you see paperwork like this you need to check it out. Now, we've got systems that are looking into the documents on encouraging people to look more into doing things by handwriting. Instead. So at that point, that's when I had a new specialization. And then to a degree where in two thousand twelve I held a seminar. The FBI wanted to meet with me. And I knew in advance. They wanted to meet with me because I have people nervous column saying my nephew was just threatened by the FBI. He didn't give your address and your number information and everything to them that they were going to prosecute him for something. Like, wow, I said, that's really not nice. And so, of course, my, quote, unquote, friend divulged everything to to the FBI in I knew so I stayed up all night, not prepared powers of attorney. I had all my documents. I got everything ready. I had no idea what they wanted me to talk about. So I wanted to be ultra ready just in case. And so. I call their belts should Eric. Can you please invite any in all federal agents for free to come to my seminar because they obviously want to meet with me, and I have no problem eating with them. So he did he put up a huge article about the the seminar and offered all thoroughly to come for free. But they still have to sign a nondisclosure, and they can't come in their in their federal pass once they get to the door, they become their own individual capacity. So then they, you know, so then I don't treat them any differently. And I could speak the whole truth in my class, not withhold anything because the bottom line of what I was teaching in my classes was here's the system in. Here's how it works in. I'm not hiding. Here's the whole truth. And I divulged everything I didn't hide everything came out. So now in the meeting with the FBI there was two gentlemen. They didn't stick a badge in my face. They were very core. Oh, very kind wonderful individuals actually, really nice guys. And I had two gentlemen with me. So that I could have a witness, and they called me, and this was probably like a week later. So I wasn't I thought they would meet within two days of my friend being contacted. So I I let it come and go the comical part is I ordered a painting for one of the teachers Jack Smith in it's it was a beautiful Kinkaid painting. And I wanted to award him that so I run into the ladies room have to use the ladies room, real quick. And I thought it said actually called me because this was a couple thousand dollars painting. And I'm thinking I got to get this painting within one more day or else seminar is going to be over and I can't give him this award. So I hardly up and I pick up the phone banking. It's fed express. In highs. This Kyrie Burnham like who is this. Oh, this is agent. So and so at the FBI, I'm like, no. Oh, no. 'cause now I'm on a toilet in. That means if I get up it's gonna flush. So this is really not good. But I had my recorder and I never go anywhere without my recorder. And I didn't know what this was about some like, okay. I stretch to go get my record out of my briefcase in the toilet flushes in laughing to the FBI agent. I so how can I help you? And he says him we I'd like to meet with you. And I said is is there any investigations open regarding the name here, burn are, blah, blah, blah. He says, no, no, no, I wanna talk to you about so. And so. I said, okay. More than happy to help you. He says, can I meet you at your home? I said, well, you know, whether stages, right? I says I'm right there now he's like, yes. I know the stages I said, I'll I'll see you at two o'clock in the mercury room in the conference room says, of course. So they call me a half an hour before the meeting is arranged. And they say, hi, we just want to let you know where here early and that we don't want to meet with anyone other than you. And I said. That's the regional agreement is that we would meet at two o'clock and the stipulation is that there is gonna be two gentlemen likely presence. And they ask who is who the gentlemen, I said I'd like you to ask them when you meet with them. And I said like I said as per the original agreement, I will see you at two o'clock in the mercury room. So I got the water's ready now the water glasses ready because that's what they do. So they could get your fingerprints. And they didn't wash any badges, my friend, Jack said, they were quite nervous actually in the meeting, but they were lovely. They were lovely. We talked for a whole hour and in the end two years after that needing. I didn't know what they wanted. But in the meeting, they asked me, do you believe the pope owns us all through the collateralisation of birth certificates? And I feared clear the answer. Because first of all they never signed on disclosure with me. I'm not going to discuss any of the content in my class that I teach unless someone signs my nondisclosure might confidentiality agreements and all that stuff because the formation in the wrong hands some could hurt somebody in. It's it's not right. That's not the whole purpose of what I'm trying to do. So at this stage. He asks me what about the emergency in nineteen thirty three. And again, I don't answer him. I say I steer the conversation in a whole other direction and went completely off the topic. And then two years after that some with a clearance said, do, you know, the FBI actually had you down in their file in? It says she knows her stuff, but it didn't face stuff in. It says she would be a tremendous asset to us in that we would like to hire her as a CHS or CI or whatever they have all these little acronyms. And so it was like, oh, okay. That with that was all about in then that in order to access this information, only, congress would be able to give the album, numeric codes, or whatever whatever code. It was to be able to his when someone's being vetted by the FBI. They put you in the system in order to protect you. Because other people should know that you work with the PI, you know, all of this stuff. So of course, I didn't work with them. And I didn't contact them. I went I didn't know what anybody wanted for me at this time because. The same time. I started having strange things happened in my body. All right everybody that was part one of a two part show. If you're ready for par to right now. Go ahead and push play right now for everybody else who maybe needs to take a breather. Let their mind rest go relax a little bit go do some chores or air is do what you gotta do go to work or whatever. Because part two we waiting for you soon as you're ready to push play and still then remember the truth set you free, but I will piss you off. You never gonna make this a million other people with the same stuff different. And must think you're gonna hit it. But you just don't get it. It's impossible probable responsible too many obstacles, you gotta stop don't. You. Gotta take b. No more tell me what to do. I don't give a damn if you say disapprove make for movement penalty. To to these opinions positions. They come in and billions, they fishing. Trindon? Ever

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