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Protect and preserve and return it to the Italian community that building, Peduto says. That's why Sunday the statue was wrapped and taped Jody Studio NewsRadio, 10 20, Katy, K. Governor, Tom Wolfe and civil rights groups are showing support for the wife of Pennsylvania's lieutenant governor. Giselle Federman says she was verbally accosted a supermarket in Forest Hills last evening. Among other things, the woman called her the n word and said she didn't belong here. Mrs. Fetterman was born in Brazil. She tells linen man, Gino, she was able to video the end of the woman's tirade. I actually took a bunch of pictures thinking that I was filming her when I realized I was and I was able to switch And that's when I called the last two seconds of her. So far. The woman has not been identified. This afternoon, The Senate Judiciary Committee wrapped up the first of four days of plan. Supreme Court confirmation hearings were on Amy Cockney Barrett. Senate Judiciary Committee chair Lindsey Graham told lawmakers at the conclusion of an approximately five hour hearing today to get some rest because there are long days ahead bear it will begin answering questions from lawmakers tomorrow. Joe Biden campaigned in Toledo, Ohio. Today. Biden said that Barrett has said in the past that the affordable Care act should be struck down is relentless effort to eliminate the affordable care act provided health care coverage. For 20 million people who didn't have it. Protections to well over 100 million people with preexisting condition. President Trump returning to the campaign trail after being cleared for public activity, the president holding four rallies in four days here, CBS's Major Garrett the president wants to get out and have rallies. But his health is a persistent concern because those close to the president tell me he wants to do more than one rally a day. But because Of the fatigue associated with Corona virus. He's going to do just one rally a day that's limiting. He'd much rather do three or four. He may build up to that, but they have to keep a close eye on his ability to carry out a rally and then still feel good on the other side of it. The president starts for the rally tonight in Sanford, Florida, and the John Murtha John Sound Camera County Airport in Pennsylvania. Tomorrow. Iowa and North Carolina are his other destinations this week. Roberta McCain, the mother of the late Senator John McCain, has died. Here's the AP is Shelly Adler. Roberta McCain, who is feisty personality became our son secret weapon during the 2008 presidential campaign has died. Word of her passing came from a spokesperson for her daughter in law, Cindy McCain. Roberta McCain remained active into her nineties, traveling with her identical twin sister and campaigning for her son. The GOP hoped your presence would convince voters concerned about her son's age to pull for him when he ran for president. Chandler and how old was she? Roberta McCain Wass 108 on Wall Street, Heffron Tillotson says the Dow closed up 250 points at 8 28,037, the NASDAQ Up 296 points and the S and P of 57 in Sports Hall of Fame, or second baseman Joe Morgan, part of the Cincinnati Reds, two time World Series championship team. Has died. He was 77 years old. It's 5 33.

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