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Dallas. Welcome back. We're just laughing off the break. I. I'm so embarrassed for house of representatives. I was so embarrassed not only did they not pass a law thrill. Not only did they not act when they could've now. They pass garbage like the Kremlin act. You know? It's so funny. And and what's funny about it is it's an act to to deliver three assessments intelligence assessments. Of what Ladimir Putin's gonna do to get into our elections. Didn't we just pay Mueller? Millions of dollars to have done to see if there was any crime committed. Okay. So then did they not get the memo that was very public? That said we couldn't find anything. Oh, okay. It's just this. Yeah. We're waiting until next year. Yeah. Okay. Because you know, when you're when you're when you're having to produce proof. And then when you get it, and you wanna hold it close because you don't want anyone to know believe that. So here we are talking about Russia said Volve meant in our elections. Okay. Supposed-? And so these congressmen I one is my own and he's such an embarrassment. But this Bill is commonsense measure will help our country understand the breadth of actions undertaken by Russian agents to drive our alliances apart. We don't want that. We don't want your alliances to be driven apart. We don't we don't have that. You know, we need to build America. That's what it should be called anyone manipulating election reeks, and we'll be dealt with. I don't know yada, yada, yada. But we need we need to police ourselves on that matter. Are you kidding? We have a caller, but go caller, welcome to the show. I can't believe this. A world K to go down to Israel and other foreign countries, and do whatever we want their lectures, but don't do the job. Yeah. Don't do it to us. And we're only proposing that you're doing there's actually no. Well, we just we just want you to do it. Because we've got to blame somebody blame someone. I haven't I don't get to listen to you all the time. So I don't know if you've covered the subject, but you're talking about the Jerome Powell interview on sixty minutes. I have not I don't think we actually have. People who's this guy? He is a Federal Reserve chairman. So he's in charge of the Federal Reserve, right? The only other time any Federal Reserve guys ever gotten out actually given an interview on ATV show was in the middle of the crisis in two thousand nine. Oh, yeah. Yeah. And why have you watch this interview not only is he sitting there, but you also had Janet Yellen sitting there and then. Who was the last guy to actually get out and do this in the middle of the whole crisis? The criminal Kabul was go. Have you guys? This is a poker match. You're showing your hand. What's what happened? Yeah. So to any highlights or should be aware of now that you brought it up not really the highlight was why they were even asked why? And it was just to let people know how good things are. Everything's gone. Okay. We got some little worries about some things, but he's all gonna be all right? Hide your wallet? Oh my God. And Powell also notified everybody on sixty minutes that the president can't fire him. Oh, yeah. Yeah. That's point. Yeah. He appoints them once they're in the office. They can't be removed or we don't think they can. Understandable. That's okay. No. But isn't it? The he's reminding everyone of that that's kind of interesting, but go ahead. Yeah. I just I I look at the. Okay. What what is in the future? The only thing I can really see. And they must know something about it. Is Brexit new to happen within the next two weeks? Oh, interesting. That's an interesting. Yeah. Right. Well, we know London's financial center of the world that just like Manhattan is all street. Sure. Yeah. But we don't realize that London actually paid their London banks into Brussels and the euro system. They're all connected. So when they say, oh, wait London. Banks are separating from the Brussels EU connection. Right. Who's the loan guarantee? Or now for the outstanding bonds that we're talking about the need to be painted. When people said, oh, hey, my loan was not really it was shuffled around and not done. Right. Who do I pay right, right? Saying game is going to happen. But on a scale of trillions of dollars. Just a few small people its entire countries national. Hey, maybe I want. Yeah. Interesting. What's coming in the next to me? And with all that on. Now talked about was how the opioid crisis affects the economy. Really? That's what he talked about on sixty minutes. The reason for unemployment is because we're a bunch of drug addicts incarcerated people. No, you didn't get the memo. Those of us to evacuate decided maybe we've got a business model that doesn't play under the same rules right pass. Thanks for that. Really? I'll check it out tonight. Thank you. I love that. Thanks for calling in high collar, welcome to the show. Go right ahead. Thanks for that. Really? Okay. I'm on a oh, you might want to turn down your dial..

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