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GATT bags bags on a roll. Now they're Adam red, its go in real good gamma Massport vow, amateur traveler episode, five hundred and ninety eight today, the amateur traveler talks about a thrift shops and Peters and food flea markets and festivals and food parks at rooftop Barzan food. As we go to Brooklyn, New York. Welcome to the amateur traveler, I'm your host, Chris Christenson before we get into this episode on Brooklyn, It's a good time for me to remind you that for every episode We have show notes, amateur traveler dot com. And then also those note in links in the lyrics of this episode. And I tell you that because there are sixty one different references were going to make sixty one different links in the show notes. So you're not going to want to necessarily right those down yourself. We have done that for you. Now, let's talk about Brooklyn. I'd like to welcome to the show Jessica Festa license to tour guide and travel blogger. It Jesse on a journey dot com. Who's come to talk to us about Brooklyn New York. Jesse welcomed the show. Thank you so much for having me in. Why are we talking about Brooklyn? What is your relationship to Brooklyn first? I'm originally from Long Island, which technically air Brooklyn is on Long Island, but they are very different cultural leader or as I did live in Brooklyn for about five years. They actually recently moved to that Greece side, but I am a tornado and I am in Brooklyn almost every day leading tours still where I tend to go when I want to go out to eat or if I want to go out for the night. So go there and we take our our Buber back to Manhattan. It's a very special place to me. Excellent. And I should ask Where to rope in Long Island farming Villa place that absolutely nobody know ideals at willing wipers Ramona would from Hempstead. So. Okay, Excellent. And why should other people go to Brooklyn? When wandering are Brooklyn has the feeling of being very neibhorhood He and it's almost like a ceiling that's hard to describe. But when you walk around Manhattan, Of course they're neighborhoods in Manhattan's a wonderful place, But Brooklyn, semi always felt more wide open more people have cars. They're just feels a little bit more resid Din chill issue, but with the same creativity and energy of the city and Chris got Masing mix of authentic culture is a lot of creativity. And honestly, when I'm looking to do something really off beat or different, I had to Brooklyn, for example, Valentine's is coming up. M fiber Finnair thinking about what we're gonna do. We are mmediately look at what's going on in Bushwick which is where we lived before related Upper East Side and they've ever than going on from strange for less shows to circus performers to string quartet than Sam yelling workshops. A lot going on. That's quite a range. We don't sent to find that in the upper Recycler relive though Excellent. What kind of I turned view recommend for people who are going to Brooklyn, what should we see do or eat like Manhattan, Legos thing each neighborhoods, three different growth. You can go to each neighborhood annual, Get it completely different experience. And each Haber had has so much to do that. I would say If you're not gonna do the other Boroughs, Or do any day trips, You could spends one day on each neighborhood or maybe two neighborhoods. For example to you, spend a day in Williamsburg shopping. They have a lotta great boutiques. A lot of locals will say, Oh, my gosh, accomplishes recommending Williamsburg because it is a rapidly gentrified neighborhood. It's also the most popular place that visitors tend to go. But I honestly still think it has a lot to offer. There's actually an awesome If you're shopping vintage store called vintage. Bunk the Williamsburg tends to be a little bit pricey. This. Sure, I buy all my jeans there. The five dollars You get really cool accessories, you five dollars Hidden Jim rate waterfront views, and stand. You can end with a move yet Nighthawks. They have missing Indy films and also great cocktails and food Brooklyn bowl has great. Concerts output has fallen dance parties. If that feels a little bit too pretentious, You can walk right into green point which has a little bit of a chiller vibe. But also rooftops and cafe is a little bit morbid open space, feel green points for. You'll also get a really rich Polish culture. So you can definitely eat well. There nearby is also Bushwick. Like I said, I used to live there for about five years. This neighborhood Israeli known for its street arts and something else. A lotta people I don't they know Is that Bushwick has a really, really rich brewing history. So there is a place called the Brewers row where you can actually go and see the facades of Greece that date back to the 1800s with. Germans came, they brought their lager Beers. Some of these breweries have been turned into Your bars. One in particular to visit is the well always got fun event going on there and you great beer history, and the Bushwick collectives is in Bushwick and that's the teen plus blocks of St arts. You could wonder with your camera for hours than just be engrossed in all of these murals, most your meant to beautify the neighborhood. You do get a few political ones, but it's very interesting. Another area is Herald gardens, which is also near Kabul Hill in Boreham Hill end-user right neighborhoods to just wander round. Particularly Carol gardens is known for its Brown stones, so you can go and see this beautiful Brown's Jones with these gardens in the front. It's really nice than lots of independent shops and cafes. You can wonder right into Brooklyn Bridge Park and Dumbo is also there Another, But that's known for the Arts. So that's also a a great day at Atlantic Avenue. Is my favorite Avenue to walk down, it entered the park. You can walk down. There's all these boutiques. A lot of them are out of my price range. I never thing, but it's fun to watch electrical bedroom there. At this point were recovered doing the image Wing rather than the overview in the in detail were kind of Emerson will. So let's go back and start over again and do more details. He sort of us in Williamsburg. An interesting You mentioned it was gentrified intensified is one of those interesting looted terms because half the people listening went who gentrified bad and have people Let's make with which it Right. I like going to testified neighborhoods and it. It does depend. Obviously the downside of jet rication Is it a tends to push out a lot of the people who've been there for years, especially people who don't have as much money as a tourist. It can sometimes be a nice neighborhood in terms of it's got the kind of things you want to see, And yet it's safer cleaner and things like that. So I'm not. Going to try and decide whether a shirt for Gatien is good or bad. When you see it's gentrified, what's going on in Williamsburg right now? So

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