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Com Sports Now until you busy news radio straight losses for the Bruins yesterday one nothing defeat to the Islanders to wrap up their three game road trip. John Gabriel Pageau scored the game's on Lee goal against to harass with about four minutes left These coach first Cassidy big picture, You know, you're doing a good job defending when those of the goals that's going in on the flipside no consolation to lose a game like that one. Feel you were the better team probably had better chances. I mean, they certainly had a breakaway there. We got caught up a little tight on our gap. But around the net, I thought we had some tough luck again again tonight be swallows the Flyers Thursday for their home opener when they'll try for their first regulation win of the year. Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels is reportedly the front runner to be the next head coach of the Eagles. You may remember McDaniels was named the Colts head coach and 2018. But he backed out to return to the Pats and longtime Red Sox and Cubs pitcher John Lester has a new home one year deal with the Nationals. Adam Kaufman, WBZ Boston's news radio. Is everyone coming from this morning? It's 8 43. Let's check the roadways right now. And every 10 minutes with Lori Grandi. It's the Subaru Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Still get a couple of issues out there Right now, First off 24 North Bank continues to be slow going from 45 to 104 dude or crash in Bridgewater. Expressway north down the toughest stuff. There is no Pontet Circle to Columbia Road before kind of breaks free spaces out there. Lever Connector continues to be a tough one. For us. That's no big surprise. 93 to store will drive there. Lots of volume two coming across the lower deck over these, a Cambridge in it to the only L tunnel, but It is all moving. Earlier crash in Plymouth through three north bound by Clark Road is out of their eastbound mass pike. Get a van out of gas right by Logan Airport ER at Logan Airport, so watch out for that 95 North night continues to be heavy as well. Neponset Street to 93. In Canton, Laurie Grandi.

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