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Labor secretary Alexander Costa Wednesday defied calls by congressional leaders to resign over the lenient two thousand eight plea deal he gave to the serial child sex abuser Jeffrey abstain when it comes to was the US prosecutor in Florida the plea deal saw abstain server thirteen month prison term though he was allowed to leave jail six days a week to work from his private office he would be picked up by his private show for and returned in the evenings it's been described as one of the most lenient deals for a serial child sex offender in history the case drew renewed attention this week when extinguished charge in a Manhattan federal court with sexually assaulting and trafficking dozens of underage girls between two thousand two and two thousand five it is homes in Manhattan and Palm Beach Florida he's pleaded not guilty earlier this year a federal court ruled secretariat Kostas team violated the crime victims rights act by failing to inform abstain survivors about the non prosecution deal of two thousand eight speaking to reporters for nearly an hour Wednesday secretary accosted did not once apologized to abstains victims and defended his handling of the case we believe that we proceeded based on the evidence and not just my opinion but I've shared the affidavit based on the evidence there was value to getting a guilty plea and having him breakfast look no regrets is a very hard question this comes as another one and Jennifer rose told NBC she was recruited by abstain when she was just fourteen years old he raped her she said in his New York City town house when he was when she was fifteen she was interviewed by Savannah Guthrie in your mind.

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