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Now calvin ridley was going behind the endre hopkins until i would say about a week before. Julio jones was traded you saw ridley go up ridley now is wide receiver. Three at the two zero six the andre hopkins wide receiver. Five at the two. Oh wait which one is gonna finish better. I think really is absolutely gonna finish better while while i think that. I don't think everybody knows that. The under hopkins is a fantastic receiver Think the way that the teams are structured between the two of them. I think really has the better opportunities to get. Just the high volume of touches end targets. He proved has proven himself even with julio jones at he's a legitimate wide receiver one and obviously knock as well. But i think really with the way that the atlanta falcons are structured is just going to to have a year to piggyback on that. Let's say you're commissioning. A football guys draft. What's your reaction when you see. Kyle pits being selected in the second or third round. I think that's crazy rookie. Just the talent is going is going to come come. He's not gonna near his ceiling. Your one why do you think pits in the second or third is crazy. Because it's it's that whole like everybody. It's not everybody knows this but i mean with the exception of gronkowski and i don't even know what to look back stats but it takes typically titans a year to kind of adjust to the nfl. And while. i think this is going to be eventually a really really good tight end. I don't think he's gonna. I don't think he's gonna make that big of an impact his rookie year as people are drafting him. At like hopkinson is is the most gronkowski type theory going nuts promote we get. We're getting the lion's talk now. Oh yeah we are your concern over pits right. Oh yeah absolutely. All right What he came out and everybody thought he was going to be fantastic his rookie. He was okay. And i think is going to be okay. But he's definitely not worth second or third round pick. I was actually at a caesar's palace. I believe and dry drafted tj hopkinson against my better judgment in the company. And then week one he had. Did he have two touchdowns or just out in such a really good week one. And i'm like oh my goodness series bucking the trend and then it never came together but is super talented. He's going to get a lot of you. Think he leads the lions and catches this year. Oh the hell gonna throw it to tyrone williams and bershad perryman. No he's i think he's saying brown at i. I really like on ross brown. I think he's going to be a very interesting slog guy. Kind of like tate was But i think the two highest pass catching targets on the lions are d. Andre swift and tj hopkinson. Do you because you kinda hold it against tight ends in the rookie year. Do you also hold it against receivers in the rookie. Well depending on what kind of receiver. They are When you're talking about like fly receivers ones just run a straight line real fast on the field hill I think they can convert from college football to pro football pretty easily. Their job is to run really fast..

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