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It's all about that national championship run under Urban Meyer remember they were underdogs against Alabama in that semi final game. And then the title game against Marcus Mariota and the Ducks, who is such a fun season. For Buckeyes fans. It was such an incredible team, and he is documenting it all as part of glory days, dreams and nightmares. Joshua, This was phenomenal. I hope you find time for us again this college football season cause I would love to continue having you here on the show, Man. This was so so good. Thank you. Let's just let me know when you want me back and I'll be available. Appreciate it, man. Thanks so much, Absolutely. Joshua Perry joining us this morning on the show. Old boy, That guy is good. What Oh, God. I was who That's the first time we've had him here on the show. He's a young guy. He was part of the 2014 teams, so he's probably in his twenties late twenties at this 20140.27 28. Maybe Oh, 27 years old. Who Breaking down Nebraska breaking down Darren Lee, Eli Apple. Those championship matchups. Urban Meyer expectations. Now that was a college football segment. That's a great football segment. Look. You guys came here for analysis today and I think we deliver Joshua Perry was summoned for absolutely phenomenal. We've got to have a back on the show. When we come back here on the D, a show more on Bucks and cowboys last night. And We've got the week that was with Connor Green. Yes, a Canadian bacon Green party style recap of the highs and the lows of the D a show this week. It's next, D, a CBS Sports radio. Listen. Over the last five years, there's been a 25% increase in reported hate crimes that's crazy in 2019 alone through more than 7300 hate crime incidents hate crime not only harms.

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