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G. 15 year old Indian kid billed as a perfect master. Who claimed millions of followers around the world It's done most of the rest of Mr Davis's career found him trying to blend the political radicalism of his twenties with an entrepreneurial sort of Put pastiche of progressive or new age agendas, so it became kind of a new age. Sort of blissed out character in his later life. Um Marilyn Manson. Mm hmm. Uh, well, they have a photographer is alleged that Marilyn Manson forced females to strip Assed part of a warp sex game with him. Erika von Stein alleges that Mr Manson real name Brian. He Warner also Applied fans with alcohol before ordering them to take off their clothes. Speaking to the mirror. Miss von Stein said she was picked from a crowd of fans by Manson's minders and escorted to his tour bus. She then allegedly hit in the back of a group as the musician pointed at a group of women and instructed them to take off their tops. She? She claims he wanted to see who had the best. Yes, we've had him take off all their clothes, but a garbage person. This is according to her. Everyone was a bit surprised. He made it feel normal like it was something fun to do. Garbage person. Go away. Let's see the Coronavirus. Deaths here in Utah reported on Sunday. Less than 1000. Was good day for the reports. It was. Let's see 903 is the numbers I recall 903 reported cases, new infections and only three deaths. Reported on Sunday. Well. Joe Biden, President Biden I saw A little bit of his Interview. I saw I think I saw all of it would know Norah O'Donnell right before the Super Bowl and You know, it's like having your It's like having a really nice grandpa. For your own good. It feels good, doesn't it? The first weeks of the Biden administration have been Huge con pressed. I mean, it's been kind of boring. I want more great, please. I've been a striking contrast to the chaos and turmoil. Of the Trump administration, bringing a sense of normality back to the White House and to government. Uh, President Grandpa. Along with very Vice President Harris. They begin each day receiving the president's daily brief like you're supposed to Usually before 10 A.m.. His administration has revived the White House daily briefings every single week day. He's also putting Kamila Harris up front at a lot of things. She goes and does the swearing the ends and the ceremonial things and He wants her to be upfront as much as possible. Majority of Americans polled say that they think Donald Trump should be convicted. And barred from holding federal office in the impeachment trial that's coming up. Island cold, But I would say that where I pulled, it's probably not gonna happen because, like the four members of Utah's congressional delegation, Utah's for members of the House They voted against stripping committee assignments from representative Marjorie Taylor Greene. Because of her support of Q and on, But that's okay with Burgess. That's okay with Chris Stewart and what's his name down in Utah County, Curtis And the new guy, Blakemore. I think his name is from They're all okay with it fairly and they're all okay. And you know, there's their argument. Their argument is well, it should be the Republicans that sent your Republicans and I agree with that, but they didn't They were fine with it so they could have voted to strip her of No, That's what I'm saying that if you ask all of those Congress people why they why they didn't. They said that shouldn't be a Democratic controlled Congress that strips her. It should have been our party that stripped her, but they didn't so The Democrats had to do something. Yes, well. She should just be kicked out of Congress. Yes, I mean, that's that's the bottom line. She shouldn't be there at all. She lets see. When Michael Flynn back in the news with prominently he's gone from, you know, being could well. Confessing toe lying to the federal government, the FBI about meetings with Russians before the election. Lying about all of that kind of stuff. This is a man who was a respected general at one time you recall at one time? Yes, and he became he went into the White House and Anyway. He was He confessed to lying, and he was charged, but Donald Trump pardoned him, and now he's out front again. Being his vocal is possible, pushing. The stolen election lie and any other Cuban on theory that comes up. He's for it. He's Oh, he's their eminence him and his son. And a California man. Lost his wallet. And and Arctic up. Has had the wallet returned after 53 years. All Grisham. Of San Diego, California, arrived in Antarctica in October of 1967 as a meteorologist for the United States Navy At some point during the 13 month assignment in Antarctica. He lost his wallet and eventually he, of course, forgot about it until last week. I was just blown away, Mr Gresham said after he received the wallet by mail on Saturday. There was a long syriza people involved who tracked me down and ran me to ground and returned the wallet. According to the newspaper. Mr Grisham's wallet had plenty of Mementos from his time on and article, but but damn it, the money was missing. They left his I D. But they something? No. Um, so anyway, there you go. That's it. All right. Sports weather traffic. Well, we've talked a lot about the Super Bowl this morning. We haven't talked about the 17th annual Puppy Bowl. It ended in dramatic fashion on Sunday with a come from behind win by team rough. Trailing by three points with under a minute left team. Ruff's big boss, Polly He's a Dutch shepherd mix sprinted for a touchdown is the clock ran out Team rough to Pete defeated team fluff in a final score of 73 69 to win Puppy Bowl. 17 Team ropes. Captain got the chewy lumbar key trophy, but really, we all one really, I didn't see any of it. I don't know how you could not be riveted to that. I usually jump back and forth. But for some reason, my TV box was not agreeing with me. So they don't do the longer rabel anymore. Same. No, no, sadly know that because I I thought it was really cool to see dogs in lingerie. He is pretty interesting. And everybody's talking about Tom Brady having one more Super Bowls. And is he the greatest ever and I liked this. Take on it, Which is well, Joey chest, not 8. 74 hot dogs in 10 minutes. Is he the greatest athlete? Yeah, That's a lot of team sport. It's not a team sport. That's that's that's the That's the only because otherwise it's Serena Williams. But that Z team so after Whether is dumb. I don't like it. I don't like.

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