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Um It is something that I'm sure a Casio Cortez and crews will make headlines and that they will probably get their pound of flesh. They're going to get hundreds of millions of dollars in fines against some of these firms. And perhaps even shut down. Some of them from a Robin would talk about Robin Hood in firms like that. Yeah, that's $14 billion stock. You trade for free there, but The problem was you trade for free? Because somebody else spying those trades. They're saying they're saying you have a bunch of dumb customers. I want to trade against those dumb customers. Send me their orders. And I will pay you for the opportunity to make money from those traits. They cut that off today. I got 30 seconds had nowhere to go. They couldn't execute such I'm sorry to interrupt, but I got 30 seconds. So is this a sign of weakness or danger for the future? I mean, might we have this happen again and damage to be done? We will probably have it happen again. There are now five million people in that Wall Street's BET site. It had two million last week, so you can imagine that with that much more fired. They can go after another company. But there's only going to be going after smaller companies, not the big ones, and that's not manipulating the market if they band together for no good reason other than the drive the stock price up. Nope. In touch, not illegal. That's not illegal. Well, you and I should do it. Then you invest 200 million. I'll invest 20 and we'll see how it goes. All right, let's do it. Well for a former union, John Nigerian. Great to talk to you again. Miss you Miss you, Stephen. Thank you. You listen to Chicago's afternoon news. Here's Mary. Partly cloudy and 24 tonight Partly cloudy low of eight and partly sunny tomorrow with a high of 30. Some police activity going on the south side with a reported shooting at a Home depot. This is 87th and Lafayette's also in Willowbrook, an accident 75th and Clarendon Hills. Otherwise, the Eden says, Okay, the outbound Saturday Kennedy to O'Hare 32 minutes 38 coming in, jammed up from about Irving Park now. On.

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