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Of this show and do your. Do your booty favor. Get fifteen percent off and free shipping. It's a no brainer. They have one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee for fifteen percent off free shipping go to. Dot Com slash weird. That's me and he's DOT com. Slash Weird speaking of wonderful things for your body. I've also turned onto something called to Heeschen nonni juice to heat known. As I call it as I call it, so made by our friends at Nonni new age. nonni juice. nonni specifically is a plant based superfood. Obviously, it's a plant. That is shown to boost your immune system and your overall health, energy and vitality. It's been used for thousands of years in Tahiti for its medicinal properties, but now I was skeptical. At first they have published and peer reviewed studies that show clinical double blind trials with placebo that show four ounces of to heat, known Jew twice a day. Which is what I've been doing increases your N, que sal count. That's your natural killer cell count by thirty percent thirty percent, helping your immune system stay powerful, thirty percent, more and K cells. It's a little sweet, a little, tart taste, a little bit like pomegranate juice to me because they became. became a blended with blueberry juice, as well two hundred and seventy-five nutrients, and fight on nutrients, including key vitamins, minerals and antioxidants I take it in conjunction with a supplement they co sell defense, which clinically shown to help your body fight inflammation inflammation, of course, being one of the horrible arbiters. Can I say arbiters of so many ailments, usually a bottle of self defense, and a one liter bottle of to heat known you as a hundred bucks, but for listening to the show you can get both for just forty dollars and show your support of this always free podcast. Go to know new age dot com slash weird forty and. New Age dot. com slash weird forty and get yourself some to heat known Ju. I think that's it. That's all I gotta say Oh. We're GONNA listen to a song for those of you. That don't know as if they're here. I'm sitting in my car. They're they're not here. They were here. Taylor. Who I love. They were great. We're GONNA play a track from their newest album. which as I say, this interview is my favorite of theirs. It's called Violet. Street, start listening right after. Get on spotify. This is one hit songs from not record. It's called. What am I gonNA? Lose you? We're going to play that and we're going to roll right into the interview. Biegel to each other guys stay safe. Stay healthy stay. Happy Stay Sane. And get into it local natives..

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