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Jazz mrs because you will get better business you don't wanna smoke yes desmond where you front was that you read jazz misses you don't wanna know smoke yes heine yet you had to really know something the know some bassam smoke she aid talk lombarno barbecue okay girls my friends don't jump in for me when i see her again we fighten jackson rene year a man that oh lorries their real men don't get him women's business that's that's which alassane about peter thomas on the real housewives of it lane i'm not gonna say that they don't get and women's business 'cause you not i do think that they can offer their advice instead but to be are you win like one of them and in knin jump up and try and guinness a mighty space at kanombe met i can't imagine it act close your eyes i can't imagine i cannot imagine me having no argument my husband start my if anything if you are gone how hey this is it busy if you're going to be in partnership with someone and that person is in an argument with some one in it's not going anywhere or is bringing out a lesser version of themselves as your partner my role is to defuse it so that i can remind you worst center is not to escalate it by gaining angry as well i mean nasty outright that tom dolan in it's time for our snack the smack portion of the show it's only just have a moment of inspiration it's not as hefty in his weighty as what we do on sundays or thursday's are any time were blessed with the opportunity to speak it's just a moment of inspiration i like to leave my listeners with unusually there's a level of transparency involved for today's snack i wanna talk about how lately i've been a bit sensitive yes i know me as as as among commerce focus on my i and comma self a thug but i'm pretty strong cam pretty tough and lately people have been saying things to me on social media that they don't agree with something idea hit and they don't like some nice day head or they'd mi some not posted they don't like something how war unusually ige's falls off my back.

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