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Freddie freeman that's way the braves are making noise in the east stephen strasburg sway the nats are set to turn down the volume banging and clanging zeros and all access before the game nationally brings the series starts tonight at seven on too and local you're listening to the larry o'connor show my goodness i i like to end five thirty to six o'clock half hour there with phone calls and the conversation but i'll be honest there's so much audio it still want to get to so many stories just so when get we might just have fun with audio and i really wanna play these ben rhodes parodies again his if you miss them well you're you're missing out on i'm some glorious stuff so we're we're gonna talk about the pardons other pardons at the president is flirting with connecting the dots they all have seem to have something in common his name is james is he sending a message to potential witnesses here i don't just sending a nice trolling message to james comey we'll get into all of that i was gonna ask andrew mccarthy about it but i don't have to because he wrote about the desouza prosecution earlier at national review and we'll we'll give you a little bit of what the brilliant andrew mccarthy had to say about it let's turn to some fake news stuff here for a minute do you remember the story of julie davis she's a writer for the new york times and she was at the trump rally two days ago she tweeted out that a little boy had yelled at her and called her fake news and she tweeted this out and became a cause celebre and there was a whole round table conversation on cnn about how terrible it is the people don't trust the media anymore i mean the new york times and cnn they don't trust us anymore and it's all trump's fault do you like the fact they had people infiltrating our campaign can you imagine can you imagine can you imagine that's what the the rally sounded like here was the discussion the day after julie fewer there you tweeted depressing sight at trump rally in nashville adorable young boy probably about my son's age pointing iphone at.

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