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Seems like they got to get it right. The bears, of course, or a mess. They might be on the hottest seat of all. In Ryan Pace, the Giants, maybe at 11, the Cowboys of 10. Anybody else? Howie Roseman. Mm hmm. Filled all filled up because they got a receiver. What they did. He's got a dress. Whatever it is, he's got to get it right. Whatever addressing is, how come he hasn't gotten as much heat? It was all on Peterson. It was all on Carson Wentz know that he hasn't got. He's got a lot of Yes, I think he has. It's just they're like nearly as much as the other guys didn't even get heat on this show. What's not to talk? That's your you guys, right? I'm sure in Philadelphia. Yeah, He's probably getting torched, right? But it from a national perspective. It is nothing evil. They really national like that. Where people that really Dialing in we we talk about shit. He was Super Bowl champ with a young quarterback. It always seemed like they were set up. Yeah, but But you gotta also remember that they got rid of the young quarterback here within the last several months. Leading up to getting rid of Carson, which was when his name was really cracking and popping. Since then, we've moved on from him to the Ryan paces of the world. We're focusing in on that sort of stuff. Because Chicago doesn't have a young quarterback where the Eagles have Jalen hurts sitting there now they got to figure out what they want to do it. 12, do you go and you get a jail in water, or do you get a divide Taste? Smith, who Jalen hurts has a relationship with who kind of could give them inside information. They went. God, jailer. Rigor They reached on him. Missed on Jefferson Jefferson goes in. Minnesota has basically an all pro season. Where jailer rigor. I don't What did he catch 20 balls all year long. I mean, he was in and out of line of hamstring here, finger there. They've got to get him right. They gotta get make sure that that picture is quite but but they need some receivers in general. I mean, they don't really have anything to Shawn Jackson was their speed. God, he's now with the Rams. Jalen Rigor is a guy who could run. But if you add one of those other two Alabama guys to the mix at 12 Then you probably can get a guy that can lift the coverage for the other guys to come unto me. All right? He goes definitely on that one. No, No, we talked about it. 15 pick and Bill Bill, check the Patriots. Interesting. It's just It's just It's very interesting right come considering how much they spent. Right. Getting all these big time players was like this is now the like the cherry on top after spending all that money and create good draft and complete that whatever he decides, obviously key. Thank you, Captain. Obvious. Whatever he decides. I know, but I'm just saying like there There is this whole following a Bill Bell check going into this season. Considering our last year was disappointing just how he will follow that up and internally in that Boston area, like people were talking about, like, what are we doing? I know Keith doesn't like going there because a Bill Belichick could never be on the hot seat, and I understand how people could say that. But still, that's a conversation that's festering. He is not on the hot seat, but He's on the I have to question your seat. Yes, because remove them. Some of it. Not every move of some of his draft picks in recent history hadn't panned out. At the level in which you would think, but that's also He had. It has had a luxury for so long, where you could take fliers on guys because you had us stack from one into the next. So if you hit on a guy, it's like, okay, we hit on him. If I miss on the guy, I missed him. It's almost like doesn't basketball where a team has the last pick in the draft. For many years as the as a Laker fan we always had, like the last pick in the draft. Didn't matter can weigh had Kobe and Pau Li, Shaq and Kobe. And indeed, Fish knew it was like that, dude, I'm gonna make the team any damn way. Put the fish in the same conversation with Kobe time talking about teen marry Mr Big shot, Mr Much official. I just I know I know what he would say. Like a Derek Fisher type player. All right, Respect any man. Stop this. Back. We've been doing it a lot lately. Doing it a lot late. Those cops Those cops are off the charts. Let me read it. Say bad guys. Let me read it sweet about go deepest can go by. He couldn't go like I could go. Didn't I just say Oh, no. You called me a defense type player. A guardsman. A small girl. No, no Hold on defense. He called you clutch. Are you talking about? Eric Fisher? Oh, boy. Now that Evan, find out who's hired you guys here. Is this a zoo? We're talking about Howie Roseman. So J. D sent a tweet saying last week at the Phillies game. There was a fire how we chant So, you know, you know he's getting heat and fill it. No doubt about that. All right? Yeah, I definitely meant meant nationally is no doubt about it when it comes to G. M's in the hot seat Robert on Twitter, said bears, Mike said the Cowboys. He's a don't let Jerry do, Jerry things. See Jerry things like taking Kyle pits when they need defense. It child pitches attended. But Alan make any salad. I want to let Cowboy fans know It's not Jerry doing Jerry things, but they don't It's it's Jerry being Jerry talking. He's not picking the players. He's not well. If that was the case, he would have taken Johnny Manziel. He's not, and we know that right? He's getting in till from a great scouting department set up by Will clay. And his son Steven and Jerry Jr. They're the ones putting everything together. Okay, he's out front. Well, he had to turn to Mike McCarthy to ask Mike. Hey. How many coach tell me how many numbers of it'd plays they're missing. He had to turn to him to find out. We all have to have that syrupy Texas playing just when we talk when we talk about Jerry, we all have to do it. And I love Jerry did. I ain't gonna say what I'm gonna say One bad thing about cherry. I'm gonna say what I think about it, cause I love you, so he's a character, but you know, that's how he is. When did the research do we? So what's the tale of the tape Evan between Derek Fisher and Jay Will J. 6 to 1 95, according Tol basket. Reference. That's what he played at Derek Fisher. 61 200 So use like this. You you, not you not my name. Put it out. Just give me respect Key. Don't try to say little No, I didn't say no. You are a So what's the old man was? Just tell me? I don't know. We'll find out the other some other. Yeah, well, we'll check the morgue Google happening. It's nice. But why? You want me to help you? Because I didn't help. So the old stronger on when these guys will start to stop arguing. We'll do that. And, of course, more over unders a swell If you wanna make some money on draft night, believe it or not, we have over on does on the draft, right this way. Only we got over on just.

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