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Have some happiness right but it'll be it'll be fleeting contentment. And one nece is only achieved from focusing on who are in restoring that link and the rest happens without words without anything. It's an intuitively designed system that that changes the outward perceptions of your entire live with no rallies no tickets. I got the front row like none of those things. It happens in the heart in the seoul in the backcountry of here in montana. And that's my journey. And that's all i do so like if i go do. Something has a profound impact on my life. I just had it with that off. Did it works. i do that like it it. So that's that's what's cool about the program. It's innovative not a program. I called the un program really because it's not a program because we don't tell them any the they're like they're out there like learning again on himselves spending forty one days with themselves it is saying hi to complete and total stranger. And that's a sad thing when you're fifty years old or forty five years old and your life your kids off to college. You're miserable you're all kinds of Life is down and you're like the whole time what you're looking for. you already had. you already had. It was right there in your front pocket love. It sounds about as good a place to sick. That landing as i've ever heard. I definitely appreciate you spending so much time sharing your story and everything so for the folks that are all about you and i like his vibe or somebody that's like fuck. I know somebody who needs to know him. Where's that the folks should start their journey. Well you can check us out at heroes and horses dot org. You can check us out on instagram. At heroes and horses and you know we have a lot of incredible content that we put out there kind of a lot of the things i shared. We share. we don't like Or not i mean we're just really raw and honest and what we put out there when people like our and at the analytics or any of those things and we share really strong messages in checking out on my own instagram Hundred dollars or something. Right access started at which i love out there saying the words at three hundred three speaking my truth man. I'm doing differently now and asked what i say to. The machine sucks but check out. Here is an dot org. This is a wonderful broadcast jonathan. I'm really thankful for the opportunity. I'm great to reconnect with you. I'm really glad that like you reached out. And i see stuff you're doing. I loved it. And you've got a lot to offer the world in a. I've read through a lot of your stuff. So stay that course and in his sounds like you are in And i look forward to working with again. The future huge thanks to mica for being our first guest of the show. I really appreciate him again and sharing his work and again. This was just a fraction of the conversation. We had supporters of the podcast will get access to the full conversation or as much of the conversation. I'm legally allowed to share without violating national security protocols. And that's not a joke. And i want to thank members of the elite university who are currently supporting the project through memberships taking courses and being active in the community in no particular order. Peter vale walker. Brad rutta crater hunter sacra tillis. Faster russ zero zero nine one neo. C seven judd taylor will hair. Vw conception sushi are if a tom britain franklin brown seed monte raymond riley madeira. I o benjamin williams. Sydney smith liquid death. T graham lewis a twenty ryan are john k andrew hill t s michael. Johnson had a bit biz. Sickener fig bus and finally we'll go to join the community head over to elite dot university in find your way in there. This has been the elite university. Podcast your host jonathan richard..

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