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Innovate their way out of this and so what they decide to do is something that was fairly novel at the time but not a hundred percent novel they decide to just sell the software on the internet so rather than having people sell it anybody can just common sign up and and it's in the cloud it's it's sassan and that's not you're like i said it's sorta leading edge but sales forces around at this point the concept of zaz exists the hosted on their website and you can buy jira from it lasts in on the internet and this is a little bit of a flash forward to two later in the show but i was looking through the s one and the terms sas only appears four times in their us one and it i think three or maybe all four of the four times it refers to external partners so it's interesting to sort of think about at last and doesn't view themselves as a sas company or at least they don't refer to themselves that way in their their communication to investors as sort of trying to figure out what is that is it that they feel that they pioneered the category so they don't need to say that they're part of the category or is that that they wanna you know sort of look at their numbers differently than a quote unquote typical sas company will look at numbers or is it you know they also have this booming on premise business where they're installing stuff on servers for companies that they they predated the modern era of sas in many ways they did they did but do so my hypothesis on this is.

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