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Justice and drew here on Twin cities news talking 11 31 of 35, and we have 5 90 0 to share an eight o'clock. It's not anything you haven't heard before. But I've finally reached the conclusion that this is actually a really big problem keeps Saying this over and over early, everything twice. What's her twice a week? Eddie like anybody in a position of power. Any position of power, then said that You need to be like, um Chloe would raise some curiosity will take a bit little tight. Even our White House Press corps is the most uncurious group of people you could ever imagine. Disney quietly removes their a critical race theory. Anti racism training from website after insider leaks, documents to a reporter. This same reporter uncovered this 97 item print Woods checklist that will run through a few of the items on From the yw 97 for the white. Okay. Okay, Well, I don't want to be here. I got a 92nd bike ride plan later today because the weather is going to be so nice. So we may have to just go through a few probably didn't let's go to the phones and talk with stand in Wyoming. Welcome to justice and drew in Twin cities. News Talk. What's on your mind? Yeah, just so white. People know there's a lot of teachers that will not teach critical race theory. Good. Um, there's there's people want to make it sound like it's something that everybody is gonna just jump on board with. There's a lot of decent teachers out there that are young, because I know him. Our young under 30 years old that get it and will not teach it believing went over something like that. That's unfortunately we're gonna have to stand open. Unfortunately for in a lot of those instances, they're gonna have to quit. And And that's where that's where the rubber is really going to meet the road is because these are you know these these courses these sessions that teachers go through in a lot of instances in a lot of district. It is mandatory. They don't You don't have a choice. If you want to be there. You want to have a job there. You want to teach these kids you have to go through this critical race theory training. You may have to go prove the training, but you do not have to teach it in your classroom. They're pretty much and defendant in that five. And the fact is, is that you just have to get the teachers on board with The parents in the school and you will have any problem full board. That's why we're trying to keep everything from becoming federalized. And if you federalized education and you federalized, believe sport, that's where they're trying to go on. If you just recognize the big picture, focusing on all the other little things much I understand what the big picture and the big goal is on their part. You just pushed back on it and keep him down. And don't be afraid to speak up. Our friend of a friend of the show. Josh from the from the Vaping Studio called in last week and was talking about this and mentioned that he was going to be running for the school board, and I hope that that's something that a lot of people consider doing is well, because that's an area that you really can impact change. You get some organization. You get some people behind you get together. Start taking some of these school board seats away from these these weak willed, you know, no spy and having The liberals that that want to just jump on whatever. Whatever this social justice mob is upset about on any given day. You got to push back against these things and seats on school boards can make a big big difference. And those are areas where, like I said, You know these air small elections. You can win those elections and you can make those kind of changes and you gotta ask questions. And you gotta and when, when? When somebody just wants to like that, like that school board member in Oklahoma was well, that's just They're just trying to cover for their white fragility. It's like, OK, you could make that you could love that accusation. That's cool. Whatever. Because you know that's what you want to do. But tell us, please. How is this indoctrination? Okay. How how is teaching these things? And how is telling these students that they are oppressors? Just because of their skin color? Explain that to me because again once you begin to have a conversation? About what? Actually critical race theory teaches beyond sort of the labels of what you just you don't want to cause you're white or you don't want to cause you're racist. Okay, Look, you can think that all you want, but tell me what it is about this and why this is okay. I guarantee you they're arguments are going to fall apart because they do not have any They don't like it. You want to. You want to not be taken seriously use the phrase white fragility. Just just say those two words back to back, and that's a That's A. That's a big giant red flag that I no longer have to consider you a serious person, nor listen to anything you have to say. So real quick from here, this Disney insider leaks, training documents to a journalist, Christopher Roof, reviewing the corporate the corporation and what it expects of their employees taking ownership of educating themselves about structural, anti black racism. Program was titled Reimagine Tomorrow. It expressly expressly discouraged by the program are the use of phrases like all lives matter, and I don't see color. You can't it again. Isn't it interesting that like two phrases? That do push back against the idea. What critical race theory teaches right And they are very good arguments of to vory all lives matter. And I don't see color on if you can't say those because those are arguments against what is we're teaching, and it actually makes kind of sense. So you can't you can't go and say those Um, Disney, Whitney responded, this cracks me up. Acceptance and tolerance and celebration of people's differences. This is something that they write that they they promote, as we have consistently demonstrated in such popular films as marijuana. Coco Black Panther, Soul and riot and the last Dragon. E s So happy. Yeah, look at the movies we made. The guys had a bunch of movies. People like him. That's the equivalent of being like I'm friends with lots of black people. It's really the Disney version of that. Apparently Disney did end up going. And shortly after that ridiculous defense, they did go and take down, apparently at least made it made it no longer viewable to the public. The anti racism trading. Yeah, it's probably still happening, though things same reporter this Christopher Roof. Oh, he discovered this a checklist. This is again Manhattan Institute's Chris Roof. Oh, was part of the exposing of the of the Disney issue we talked about..

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