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But not the order. Oh, there's few better ways to begin a podcast than by screaming that. This is rod and you are listening to European nights presented by paramount plus the show, the loves football played under the floodlights almost as much as Karim Benzema does, and as ever, I'm joined by the Pep Guardiola to idea go Simeone the Raquel may to my route one Archie barge to New York Times chief soccer correspondent and the man who's been to my good luck charm. He loves to score champion Zeke hat tricks when you're in the stage of Rory. What was it like to be there to witness this madness again? Yeah, and I'm starting to regard myself as Karim Benzema's muse to be honest. I think that's the only that's the way that the evidence points. There's no other conclusion to be reached. It was extraordinary. This one was probably a better hat trick than the one that he started against PSG a few weeks ago. The power in the first header, but the artfulness of the second one. The way he took the pace out of the ball and trilled it beyond eduard mendy. Third one, Mindy presented to him on a plate, which was very nice of them. But similar to Donna Roma, but that's tearing Benzema, Karim Benzema mates, goalkeepers do weird stuff, and that's why a useful trait to have. He is, he's a brilliant footballer to watch in the flesh. He's an absolute pleasure to watch. Kareem the dream became just the second player to score hat tricks in back to back knockout games. The other one was that cell phone smasher named Cristiano Ronaldo Benz has done the impossible and survive the curse of roger after last episode's deep dive. I will say this watching Chelsea, the reigning champs of Europe and the world, the fenestrated at home by Real Madrid. It was like watching the loudmouth guy in the bar turning around and running square into the chest of the buff bouncer who seen it all politic plus ten will have it all to do in Madrid this week. You'll be there at the Bernabeu in person to witness it live after the final whistle last week. He said the toe was over. It's not there, is it? No, not at all. I don't think it's that unrealistic to think that Chelsea can beat Real Madrid in Madrid. It's a tall order, obviously, and the Bernabeu is a special place on a Champions League night, but Chelsea, I think, have a higher ceiling than Real Madrid. So if Chelsea play two their best, they should win. The tide's not over, not a chance. Chelsea are far too good to write themselves off. I can understand why total said it, I think he was probably feeling emotional, quite annoyed. You don't want to be going into that tie with two dolls to make up. But at the same time, this isn't a vintage Real Madrid. One thing sure. As long as good luck charry Smith is in the building, Real Madrid will have nothing to fear. We're going to talk to the rest of this quarterfinal stage today..

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