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Oh, Jason Carter. You like the the distribution of points Because you've got inside guys going outside, guys corn and again. Everyone is who's played a score. With the exception of Jason Carter, who's over three in this basketball game, so Xavier needs to continue to Keep sharing the basketball. They've got five assists on 11 million. Phil does but savor really needs to get Zack Fremantle playing with more confidence. He's two for six. He has four rebounds. Still kind of struggling with that confidence, though. Watching at the free throw line. He's one for two in the ball game from the finish line bounces. This one over the red matter falls off on the right side is now one for three. He has three points. The ballgame baron he averages 19 points of ball games usually will take 12 shots in the ball game on Lee to field goal attempts so far is there isn't a good job kind of corralling him second free film in and where is that the iron and Falls off rebound taken by Free mail for the Musketeers. Avery with the ball with two point lead. 31 29 working against three quarter court pressure. David is a nice job to get nice through C. J. Watson with the ball in the right corner Bluff. The three The game was closing out. Surprised it in shooting you like C. J. Walter on the backside of that press. If you beat the press, chances are you're gonna have numbers Savior restarts. Their offense was 17 seconds on the shot clock 3 25 in the game clock, Ultimate that at the point working against looks like a 131. Fremantle Back, told him out of three men left side of the floor goes to Jones. Jones puts it on the floor Totem. He's open for three, his shots blocked by Duke and picked out of the air by the Providence Friars. Across the time line, looking down low for watching, but he's denied not nicely by free male Providence will set up their offense. 20 on the shot clock would do for the basketball just to step inside the center jump circle at the point picked up by the freshman notable taking a man to man defense to drive the right side the language to the ram and rolls it around and it falls off. We've a blocking foul Paul in the musketeer, trying to take a charge that was Freshman Colby Jones, trying to step in to help out his fellow freshman. Totem was some defense on Duke. Just a little late to do call for the block and found little send Duke. There was an 83% free throw shooter. The line for a couple of shots. But you like the idea Cobi Jones because Kobe was guarding. Reason reason emptied out into the corner. As Duke misses the first free throw in Kobe Jones as he's supposed to just watches the ball. And is there a half second too late, But I was there to help his teammate on the dribble drive. Second free throw is good. We'll make profits just two of six from the free throw line. In this ballgame. Xavier. Meanwhile, there's six out of 12 from the free throw line for 50%. So nobody writing home about the free throw shooting abilities in this ballgame so far, Xavier leads by 1 31 to 30 to 45 to play in the first half. Xavier alludes to trap Jones backed away from a talking cockroach Scruggs. He crosses a timeline. Reverse Lay up is no good, acrobatic shot in this check after the perimeter controlled by CJ Wilshire Drive by little feeds underneath the Freeman. Oh, he lays it up it in reverse layup. Nice job. With his right hand attacking from my left side, reached under the rim, protected it from a blocked shot and enough English on it hung on the rim. It crawled over through the strings fell through good for two. Xavier leads by 3 33 to 30 all off DeWine Odoms drive into the middle of the defense show. Another assist for Guan watching in the high post right side of the floor drive by reason. Oh, good, and it's followed up and pushed back into the bucket by Watson. They released by 1 33 to 32. Watson now has five points in the ballgame. Working against the 23 Zone here, the baseline to CJ Wiltshire. He is knocked out of his hands. That's a turnover. Duke and transition one on two takes it down. The paint is to the Raymond finger rolls it nicely over the top of the rim and through the strings good for two that puts Providence up. 1 34 33 Duke now has 16 points in the ball game six of eight from the field working against his own Strug's top of the key down the left side. Throws up a left hand push shot from 10 ft. Away near the left side of the lane. It's good for two and same You're back on top 35 to 34 my season ever go to his own because Providence is scoring at will there five out their last seven, firing 10 lead changes in the first half. Candidate to play Xavier up by 1 35 34. Low attempted mass. Watson and it was a hook pass from reason left side. It was zipping past and out of the reach of watching that would go out of bounds is eager to get the ball back. And that was all about ball pressure on the pastor. Joe and Travis has been calling for that. You want to Defend the post, but it starts with your pressure on the passer. If he can't see clearly into the post is gonna be hard for him to deliver the ball. And that's exactly what Paul Scrubs did. They're bigger works it across the timeline. Jones penetrates kicks to the corner. CJ will shopper for three. It's in the on in the air and no good heavy off the back iron. That's his first miss from three point range in this ballgame rebound taken by Providence, 40. Seconds to play in the first half. 25 24 seconds on the shot clock for Providence at the top of the key. Duke loses it regains it, Loses it again. Kobe jealous takes it away. Is that the fellow freshman autumn he bounces underneath for CJ Wiltshire, a pump fake. His shot is blocked. If the pump think it was the second defender that got him back to the way. Duke, with the basketball 21 seconds to play in the first half in Providence, will settle for the last shot. CJ Wiltshire able to fake out the first defender, but he didn't see the second defender when he went up for the what would have been a layup and it was just knocked out of the air..

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