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Cousins or Kohls ranch, or things like that, that have had issues now as we come into modern times, some of those issues that a lot of people were fearful of before we find out there anxiety, or panic attacks things like that some years ago, I struggled with those things as well. And had to finally come to the conclusion that medication was necessary for me and fort to control anxiety because I was always the walk it off type mentality. But I recently had a conversation with my wife and I encourage people listening as well that I told my wife, I said, synthesis something that's a history. My family not necessarily my immediate family, but I said, I give you the authority to do what you need to do to get me help, if I'm not acting right? I need you, as my partner to throw the brakes on and talked to my family to make it known make noise and make it happen. Don't sweep it. My, my wife's not that way to begin with my mom. And, and my wife have a good relationship. So I know she would tell everybody and get them all focused. But I encourage people to have that conversation because you have to have somebody that you trust. And while you're lucid and your mind is working to say, hey, listen, I need you. If I start saying something like this, or if I start acting little odd or in my case, more awed, I suppose, do something, and I think everybody should have that conversation to get the ball started rolling, you know, so I appreciate you guys coming on. How can they find out more about Alzheimer's and brain awareness month, so Alzheimer's and brain awareness month, we have a lot that they can look for? They can obviously go to our website.

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