United Nations Security Council, Prime Minister, Japan discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia


Power accompanied by revenue this would be the world's second biggest power company juliette we'll thailand has seen an explosion of internet shopping in recent years its can seem has become more tech savvy to get that starring simply events for shots salama's online retail sales in thailand the growing by more than one hundred percent per year everything from washing machines to televisions to fish source that rate far outpaces sales of traditional tools of about ten percent it suggests ecommerce in southeast asia is taking off the pickup has a lot to do with falls through internet speeds in thailand and the success of online merchants like lozada may be a lot of upside china and south korea have high online penetration rates of between sixteen and eighteen percent in southeast asia it's only about four percent rishaad salama th bloomberg daybreak asia uncle or at the time is seven minutes past the hour north korea launches a michelin missiles over japan we get the latest from bloomberg's mark mills brian thank you japan's prime minister shinzo ave and president trump are holding a conference call on north korea ave said the japanese government was fully aware of north korea's ballistic missiles movement as soon as it was launched on tuesday morning ave said he will request the united nations security council to hold an emergency meeting to discuss further action strongly demanding stepped up pressures on pyongyang's north korea fired a missile over japan airspace it landed about twelve hundred kilometers or 745 miles off hokkaido in the pacific ocean this evening the heads of the joint chiefs of staff four south korea and the us military are discussing the north korea situation president donald trump said he expects congress to swiftly passed emergency disaster funding to respond to hurricane harvey in texas at a news conference on monday trump said the real number will be many billions of dollars vice president mike pence said the aid will come in several forms sir will be disaster assistance available for businesses of small business loans available they'll be there'll be plenty of time once.

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