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I mean you know from my bizarre videos on instagram in facebook and so forth about me. Throwing houses in comes at Tron. Explain Sivvy's normal people about what? Vpn Isn't how it works but you know keep weighing on about VPN's but they don't do it again because if only the cities we using a VPN that would knock a hole in quite a few of the more of the Bisi in Palm Life threats that are out there but soon as you should go to. A private computer would work on wet mile which is basically where the biggest It's beginning up. They all the message transmitted called. I don't know I mean. I think it's interesting that you said people more responsive because I just wonder whether people really open to head and security vice at the moment you know what else is? Am people just shot? Held heart and soul together. I think that's something that I mean should a couple of the conversations off out to clients and with a consultancy groups and things away with that. It's being a it surely will move down the muscle. Just it's just survival for businesses and people they're not looking at anything hired awful or anything medium to long tails with so stops that kind of thing that we'd like people to have in the business. I mean in the awareness community. I think it's A. It's a very dangerous time. I don't see. I see more responsiveness from the people at expect to be responsive sue foot example the teams in place in the NHL ASS security teams. And so on. They are there and they're dealing with a lot of this nudging. Think it's the right time in some ways so source of give them you know a ton more of advice. I mean what what what we see today leads but I feel like being swamped all the chime in Washington to extend Clearly I won't mention any specific names. Bob I will give a shout out to the south oils. In general because to give you a metric One of the Sena Fuck in. Nhl wiles is a member cluster. And he rang an organizer Code Nicer and he points. Kenny help guys. They had a load of kids. Delivered just annoy. Ask for an unprepared and I had you know full figures of distort machines and I didn't want to go over there. I saw this. I saw this. I got messages. Signed off any old laptops to donate to patients soothing face time and I thought Oh that's dangerous I mean I was being leased. That actually wasn't particularly these proper out. Books real stalls a yeah. We'll come back to you one but as it turns out an awful lot of that research was ahead of the curve of the bill of the Toodle CELS Nineteen goes eight miles but they just flat out had no resource to configure them. Because I just arrived us and so the shout now and this is positive. That comes out of that show came out of the southwest cluster. And by six o'clock at night. I think the email came out about ten At night Two hundred eighty companies. Who wrote him behind it and also to help now? That's just lovely enemy and I'm not saying that we should officer for that. We shouldn't step off some of the some of the stories that I was unbe particularly to do with Side of it we should specifically more was that. They asked if they need help. The last with is can be not just kind of roving an offer because they sticking Yawkey Pied action busy it. It's a fine balance isn't it? But let's just talk about that a little bit because you've been helping out with the shooting volunteer rice. See you actually know fast hands about the field hospitals? Cost me a bit about what you've been doing. Well I know you really the body book. Run Ambush Here we basically the Out Country and myself We got on the volunteer because trying to we didn't know if we're GONNA be physio nor news just something. We most micro Eric's service oil reserves and So yeah we just put in dot come back to the learning point out of it from going through the process because that's one of the technology things we've offered into government was a response management system. And how frankly not very well many that whole process was bob eventually sorted out and yet we go to the simplest. Could we go and help? With the construction. The fitting out One of the nursing does demise particular case was looking on covered three informed financially And so what were you able to because I knew that you? I mean you get Actually build the thing. What's IT I mean? Tell me about what it was. I how it was organized. Yeah not the biggest shows up a tool because the building was done by commercial contrivances and we only Three now so it would have been such week like basically we activated and we turned up and it was literally a case of La. We've limited. What do you want us today? And there were people who looks like shied sizes to end up with Bridge today which was great to say and Literally the guys who were in charge of it were about six to twelve hours ahead of where we were. Some of them were Paypal's of the guy who's actually code nineteen I'm working on these. Hate of you in a secondary school is been redeployed. So how come how come has he in? Sandy school is like did they poppy. Who WAS PROJECT MANAGEMENTS? Expedience with a people leave with people. Who were if you're inside the council Canal okay okay. Had you know leadership management role and just went spittle and he said to me off of this coal privately late. You quite impressed really with the Organization of it in store was because I mean yes as being soon particularly Chiyotaikai mopeds We took the beds out. That's inevitable job like this but when we turned up where she taken into the place when we were forbidden from taking pictures. And I'll tell you the sorts of good ethical reasons but if there there there have been some excellent authorized releases online. Doug just commend people to have a look at them and see what was being done because the spice of lesson a week. I legis into a community. Whole would tune into a Tucson roughly six hundred bed facility and you know if you look at the bed. Spicer Mrs the beds. The pillars the chairs of bedside cabinet the screens the power. The hit any is not. You're on a camp bed and live with it because I was GonNa ask you to support resemblance to sort of feel tussle. She'd seen in the in the military. Now this is this is. This is much closer to a large jess ward Than I mean. Did they actually split down on? Blake each leg a ward which is roughly twenty beds and so he's got a very simple structure and yet. I was genuinely impressed. Trunking these right down to the fact that was under floor. Heating air conditioning of input in optimized airflows. Let's stuff which was not necessarily fight but to do that in under ten days facets well they'll Maitha Strahan's in an often out like doing nothing more than building heads in I still have nightmares about building those You know the full pullout screens the light. Some sort of I K but on a on a much elliot. So it was mentioned a bunch of volunteers being told going building stock on T. similar to what we were up against. I must say I mean. Obviously you're not going to give away. Bundle Hewlett remotely. Don't you mean what's it like where you live? Generally under lockdown I mean. Have you seen could be spinner thing? What's really nice about it? Is everybody's kind of spun it in slightly different wise in obesity is seen all the stuff in in the cities but in rural communities. It is probably ten houses within a square. Click aware I am which is blocking mini. Hamlet community in this being stuff like people just randomly illegible of the gate. By the little form a horseshoe in it with a note. Attached exciting gatekeeper. That's Nice Yeah and you in these affects book group for the Home Community in will one of the positives Time tip folks you. Will you will tips in pub sign? Remind can across the valley in the pub can almost see behind the trees opposite which is about a mile away but go to Microbrewery and a distillery to reduce very nice. What mentioned can nine for lots of reasons but what I did was as soon as I got. Shut down they Put out the anybody in the community. Wanted the ethanol which is obviously the poisonous apple stuff account as which site Goethe disposal if you wanted to a liter of it just go up there and the Dona elite Plastic bottle long Disinfection into the night Jason's sprite disinfecting at the local hospital. So there's a tip. If you can find a brewery go out completely goes we know. We know the viruses. Don't well yeah. I mean it's it's it's bizarre. Isn't it the way some of the things I mean? I love the way that we mentioned on spearfishing Alia but I'll do the way a crisis does send people step in a crisis and people take advantage of a crisis in people You know does people who you just need to get by and I mean I. I felt like I was just by for a long time. The new one of the people who asked me to combat online. And do something on the podcast. Which in our appreciate how I do. Love the fact that people being creative I think. Creatively help each other. We've got an of the cliquey where his classically. Nhs on Thursday in our street but when the men came up earlier today everyone ways to them and you know it was just subtlety to see accuracy pieces now mature bids but I can see pieces. WanNa see all big you know. Hey Diaz been men. I am smiling and laughing because the kids will leave them industries. It's hundreds wouldn't normally do sweet but I think it's one of the real positives about the British community and many other communities ran the world. Go to say that but typically the British attitude of. Let's see if we can help people. Well just one of the things that the that I also have Keynotes and things. I'm often asked questions. Aim should we be more pot If he told this to. Haw We'd never do anything I always say. No you've you've got to just live your life and one of the things that are saying on Ebay be say. Is this more people than by people I am and I think that's really starting to do. Hopefully hit home that this documentary Cans of held after Party over at the moment Satan Also I just you know. Sometimes you in this job really grim things and it's just nice to go out and just see you know people kind of get in shocking in for some of the older people in the community in that type of thing so so it's sweet. I wanted with yourself go. Is there Obviously being busy. And only if you don't know about you but I know you spent some time kind of like Why it an object or a nice in that you know you think when you look back when hopefully will this is pasta Out and about again won't be something that symbolizes they settle time full. You two things. One a found a pair of Browner the GRUBS and the thing is that going down on the the building heads in the Kia Jason Pieces Was particularly useful having those because obviously dump his little helps for the contamination. Because clearly doesn't mean stuff that you don't particularly want and so in a weird bite yet those.

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