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We have been pampering and coaxing the Indians that we must taking new course we must vindicate the position of the White Man we must teach. The. Indians. What law is. You see where we're talking about arrogance. Thank you for that. That's what we're referring to. The ignorance. I'll be a little fair at that time. The arrogance of white men. But rest assured that ignorance continues today. you know. But they don't want to admit or acknowledge that. You See. Here's a case in point. Let's let's transition to the next articles that are actually no absolute. Nine done with. Commentary on the previous I'm and anything else to add to it so. I'M GONNA try to I'M GONNA try to be calm as I read this. SIP coffee. That helps right Because Of. With. High. Levels. Of Caffeine Chat of express he's. Tunnel reads, senator, Lisa, Murkowski, who represents the They like to call the state of Alaska. She's a Republican. Sending a letter on ready tribal unity. To President von Sharp. Who heads up the National Congress of American Indians Yeah I know. All right now, this pertains to criticism leveled at the federal government. Pertaining to. The request by Alaskan native corporations. Share of. The. Cares act money. That's that's. That's the. Motivation behind us. That fair to say brother. Yeah that that's exactly fair. Totally pair she sent Shaw fawn sharp an enormously long letter. I have a few comments on on some of it. So it's a little long I haven't decided if I'm GONNA. Read the whole thing. Of course it'll be in the show notes and but before I do that, I'm going to put a link here and chat so that you guys can follow along those of you that are here with us in chat so. Right now. The only reason I listed data so we can talk about some of those points yes. Instead of just reading them all because they're all in my opinion, they're all egregious. They are. Absolutely. So you know before I lose my mind and I'm GONNA try so hard not to swear in this episode Gillis worked way too much last episode. To. Go ahead and check the explicit tagging you can always check. Point I had to put an actual audio disclaimer at the front of it that time. I didn't want. Thought about kids I really did in often. Be Very. Very honest with you guys often don't think far enough ahead when I should. But I mean it wasn't horrible horrible but I didn't use the F. Word right but. But. Speaking of Sanders says, remember Michael dossier truck that Yes yes. I know I'm supposed to do word substitution actually been believe it or not. Senator I've been doing that like at home. Not on the air. Word substitution. Because people have been noticing and I like I've always said I didn't grow up that way. My parents raised me that way but. Just so much to be angry about right now. Anyway so here is what?.

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